Friday, July 5, 2013

Shaggy's Debut Performance in Dubai

Dubai, a growing market for Jamaican music host International Reggae/Dancehall artiste Orville 'Shaggy' Burrell July 5th, 2013 at Cavalli Club.  The fantastic, bombastic , it wasn't me singjay tweeted  Happen to be in that neck of the hood?  Stop and check out Shaggy.
Last min call before we head out to Middle East! ...

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Jamaica BET AWARDS 2013 Moment

This shall be the video of 2013, EPIC moment for the Jamaican Dancehall genre some claim had died.  It was good to see Dawn Penn, Chaka Demus and Pliers and yep! the Doc. Beenie Man along with the energy god Elephant Man colourful performance that had the audience on their feet.  Standing ovation for Dancehall it's a good look.  We have been looking for the video on youtube to display here, this the best we could find.  Can someone tell us why this particular video would be barred on youtube?

Top Ten Mistakes Musicians Makes

Are you an artiste trying to come up?  Check below top ten mistakes musician makes by Tom Hess you might learn something you didn't even realize you have been doing..."There are many things you need to know and do in order to become successful in the music industry.  But even if you learn and do all of those things, you still might prevent yourself from achieving success in the music business by making key mistakes along the way.  There are many pitfalls on the path to success, and that is particularly true in the music industry.  After mentoring many musicians who are developing their own music careers, I see the same false assumtions, problems and mistakes appear again and again.  Here is the list of the top 10 mistakes that can hold you back" Tom Hess...more

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Michael Dawkins Release New Video while Solution Don't Wanna Lose His Soul

Media Quickies:  The boys are back, better than they ever was...

Michael Dawkins
Michael Dawkins Drops New Video
Ever since it's release Michael Dawkins,  "He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother" single continue to make the playlist of radio djs across the Caribbean, UK and Europe. The highly anticipated video for the single is now released and will be seen streaming across cable/tv channels in the coming days.  The track is a cover version of the original recording of Kelly Gordon in 1969 that later became a world wide hit for the Hollies band that year and Neil Diamond in 1970. 

Reggae Artiste 'Solution' Don't Wanna Lose His Soul
Have you hear the Atlanta base Reggae artiste who goes by the name, Solution's latest single? Well the song is called, "Lose My Soul" and condemns the mentality of crossing spiritual boundaries for fame.  Though this topic is not new to the music industry in general, Solution is speaking to an issue that seem to be playing over in his mind and a topic that is as relevant today as it ever was. Some artiste names clearly suggest their stance, this artiste Solution is one.  As his @reggaeinGeorgia twitter dpi clearly state " I am on an expedition to BUILD UP and NOT CORRUPT. JAH!"  This is his hope, this is what Solution brings to the industry hoping children and young adults even for a ' million times over,' be reminded of.   

Are they listening? Our guess is they might just be, radio airplay is increasing and there is a good vibe emanating from the streets. The video which depict the story as it is told by Solution on the track has increased in rotation across tv/cable channels.  Meanwhile, Solution does what he likes best, "sing for the people bringing food for thought," now ain't that a solution for issue from which he speaks?  

By: Sophia McKay

JRich "On Ma Grind" OMG! Stay True

Kingston, Jamaica   As radio pumps Toronto's native and rapper JRich's music across the local media network and his videos tumble among the most watched on several cable and television channels, future projection for the 23 year old's career is prospective.  'Love and Joy' featuring International Reggae artiste Warrior King has now become an household song, "people are singing it word for word" said a fan engrossed in the melodies of the song when asked how he thinks it's doing, recently at Dancehall's popular 'Weddy Weddy' weekly event.  JRich had gone to Weddy Weddy for the first time and was enjoying himself he tweeted. 

So this is Weddy Weddy.... Good Look, Shoutout to the artist

JRich came down with the flu shortly after that party experience and was forced to rest for a few weeks but meanwhile three (3) of his tracks namely:- On Ma Grind OMGWhere I'm At and a reggae collaboration with artiste Solution called, "Yes I Cangained momentum on some radio stations.

With another few weeks to go on the island, the young hip-hop/rapper make good of his visit, his experiences in studios, live performances and interacting with other artistes, media representatives and fans is a lesson in disguise, one he will always remember as long as he lives.  

By: Sophia McKay

Alborosie: Twenty Years in Reggae New Album Summer Tour

Kingston, Jamaica, June 28, 2013 Reggae has now gone beyond race and nationality, just like the Rastafarian culture. It is Jamaica’s gift to the world and Planet Earth loves it – not just for those irrepressible rhythms, but what the music stands for. It is therefore no surprise to learn that fifty years after its birth, reggae’s current elite includes a singer from Sicily – one turned Jamaican national, and whose artistry has continued to grow and develop with every release. Alberto ‘Alborosie’ D’Ascola is a multi-talented Italian reggae singer with a unique story. In addition to his talents as a singer and deejay, Alborosie writes the majority of his own material and plays virtually everything we hear on his records.

He is the modern-day Renaissance man – a global citizen who demonstrates mastery of traditional reggae whilst pointing the way forward for himself and the genre. Evoking classics of old, his music does not just sound great; it has meaning. Alborosie may not be Jamaican by birth, but he promotes reggae music in its truest sense. With dreadlocks almost touching the floor, he is a proud Rastafarian armed with rebel philosophy and consciousness.

The “Kingston Town” singer welcomes a new milestone, this being his twentieth year in the music business. To mark this new achievement Alborosie will release his fourth studio album and embark on an extensive European summer tour. The latest album Sound The System is a real landmark. He describes the album as “a new chapter,” and says he called it that “because people can expect good music and learn real lessons.”
“It’s an Alborosie album and so if you’re expecting something different, you’ll be disappointed,” he says with a knowing smile, “except I really go all out where the songs are concerned. They are revolutionary in terms of the message, which is supposed to make you feel better and they could even change your life around. I really believe that.”

The 16-track album will be released on the Greensleeves label and features collaborations with Italian singer-songwriter Nina Zilli, Kymani Marley, Nature and the legendary Abyssinians.  Sound the System will be released on July 1, just in time for his summer tour that will see the artist performing at over 36 venues in Europe and for the first time in Israel. The first leg of the tour runs from June 27 to July 28 and the second leg from August 15 to August 31. One of the main highlights of the tour will be a video shoot for the Nina Zilli collaboration 'Goodbye' in Bologna, Italy.

In  2011, Alborosie copped the MOBO award for best Reggae Artist. With over twenty years in the music business his music is in high demand worldwide and is internationally recognized as one of the first Italian reggae artistes. A ‘rebel’ in his own right, he insists on following his own path and has kept on evolving, whilst retaining the warrior instincts that have become his trademark.

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Sunday, June 30, 2013




Summer has been heating up nicely with great outdoor events and many reggae artists hitting stages across Canada. This weekend Canada welcomed artists like Richie Spice, LUST & I Octane to name a few. As the pioneering ALL Canadian reggae show Rebel Vibez salutes Canada Day and our supportive listeners. We invite everybody to join us Monday July 1st on CHRY 105.5 FM as we broadcast 4 hours of amazing reggae music with surprise guests and on air performances you don't want to miss! To extend "shout outs" to family and friends call the station at 416.736.5656. PLUS...DON'T FORGET TONIGHT!
"Be Bold, Be brave, Be a rebel, be YOU!" - Rebel Vibez