Saturday, May 11, 2013

Thank You Mama

"Thank you mama for the nine (9) months you carry me through all those pain and suffering.  No one knows the pressure you bare only you"....Sizzla Kolanji

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Orisha Sound's First Dancehall Single 'Embrace It' Featuring Sizzla Kolanji

"Working in Jamaica with Sizzla Kolanji gives me the freedom to express myself and take my music to higher heights" said Orisha Sound, International Pop artiste, Musician and Dancer in a February 13 publication of the Jamaica Gleaner  Orisha was first introduced to Jamaica's music industry when she recorded a single entitle 'Sunshine Lady' with local  artiste Wayne Daniels.  From the experience, Orisha commit to having locals recognize her singing, song-writing and multi-instrumentalist talents through  performance and appearances as well as create music with local artistes and producers. 

The U.S. based artiste of Slavic and Scandinavian ancestry, visited Jamaica December 2012 for a performance at the National Organisation of Deported Migrants (NODM), a charitable event that was held in the parish of Westmoreland. After her crowd pleasing performance, Orisha's next stop was the infamous city of Kingston. There, she met and recorded her first Dancehall collaboration titled 'Embrace it,' with one of the island's most notable international Reggae artiste Sizzla Kolanji before she left.  Two weeks later, she returned to shoot a video for the song which had been put in rotation across several local radio stations. 

Within days, the video was released on all local Television/cable channels.  She was invited to perform with Wayne Daniels at the Constant Spring Golf Club. Wayne introduced her during his set and as they sang their soothing 'Sunshine Lady' reggae ballad together, the audience erupted in appreciation. 'Sunshine Lady,' was also getting multiple spins on radio and Orisha was kept busy doing radio and cable/tv interviews.

Since Orisha's last visit to the island, rotation on both singles, 'Embrace It' and 'Sunshine Lady' have increased to six spins per day.  While daytime radio's buzz get going, so has the Jamaican night life scene.  The songs can be heard in clubs and blaring through speakers at weekly reggae/dancehall events that many music celebrities, media, corporate and music industry representatives attend.   With multiple events coming up this summer, Orisha look forward to performing on Reggae Sumfest, the island's most successful three (3) day festival.  Back home in Los Angeles, she is working toward the completion of a 15 track album slated for release June 30, on RBC Records label.  Two new videos for her remixed reggae version of singles, 'Make Me Moan' and 'Beautiful Sun' that have made the album is near completion and will be released in Jamaica. Both videos have been Directed by Vassel Casssius and Marvin William in Los Angeles, California.

By: Sophia McKay

Friday, May 10, 2013

Macka Diamond's 'Dye Dye' a Hit

Macka Diamond has changed position once again with her now trending 'Dye, Dye' track.  The sexually explicit street version has got many people talking, "Macka look like she find it" Dancehall/Reggae artiste Cecile tweeted. Macka Diamond is one of few artistes to find a popular, trending or hit song each year.  In 2011, the hard working Macka Diamond ruled summer with her popular 'Cow Foot' song that became a staple on the dance floor when Shelly Belly created the dance .  

The song held it's own until around Christmas after which Macka spent the rest of the year ignoring criticisms about her age or so it seemed.  2012, Macka threw shade at her detractors dropping what became another popular track called, 'Forty n Fabulous.' Now once again, she returns to the spotlight with her first popular song of 2013, 'Dye Dye' and according to her, "da one ya a heart attack." With only two months left for summer to begin, the money O Diva is about own the season, or is she?

By: Sophia McKay

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Eljai's Latest Single 'For You' is a Personal Hit

Reggae recording artiste Eljai's latest single 'For You,' has become his first personal break-through song with a far reaching effect.  Currently, 'For You' is getting constant airplay across several local radio stations as well as made the playlist of reggae radio stations across the Caribbean, United States and Europe like never before.  'For You' is a studio one remixed of classic rhythm played by musicians Dean Frazer on Sax, Kirk Bennett playing drums, Carol 'Bowie' McLaughlin on key board, Aeion Hoiletter playing base and Lamont 'Monty' Savroy playing guitar.  

A follow up video has been released on local tv/cable channels as the momentum builds on this exciting record.  Eljai is no stranger to the Jamaican music scene he has performed across the island as well as have other music received constant radio airplay locally.  However, this time around the Belize native and U.S. resident is more confident that this 'For You' single will go further.  "I have never had a contingent of such reputable and experienced musician work on a project with me so this is special, it's feels good" said Eljai.

'For You' can be heard on radio, at the club, in the streets and on many reggae compilation CD mixes in circulation across Kingston.  Eljai return to Jamaica soon to further reinforce his publicity campaign and for an appearance on Flavours Fest May 23, Central Village, St. Catherine featuring Taurus Riley, Romaine Virgo, Duane Stephenson, George Nooks and more.

By Sophia McKay

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mavado Get That Paper Making Music with Popular Rap Artistes

Mavado, is certainly making an imprint in the world of US Hip-Hop music, recording with some of the best and most popular rappers in the game.  Already, the self titled Gully Gad has recorded with Canada/US Rapper Drake, Rick Ross, Wyclef Jean, Snoop Dogg, T-Pain, Ludacris, Ace Hood, Nicki Minaj, Akon and RnBs Alecia Keys and Ne-Yo whom did a remix with

Signed to labels The Best/Young Money Records, Mavado was recently featured on yet another power collab featuring Rick Ross, Akon, French Montana and Wale to add to a growing list of collaborations.  Hip-Hop goes hand in hand with Dancehall like reconnecting with its root. Automatically, a wave of opportunity is once again created not only for Mavado but other Dancehall artistes in general.  
After all, Mavado did say in a published article on MTViggy, "I'm not just doing this for me, this is for all Jamaican and dancehall." "Dweet Mavado, get dat paper."

By: Sophia McKay

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Chronixx One of The Most Accomplished New Artiste in Reggae's History

Winford Williams, the host of popular music entertainment show 'On Stage,' recently  interviewed Chronixx whom he described as "one of the most accomplished new artiste in Reggae's history." Mr. Williams said Chronixx has an exploding fan base that appears to have no demographic or cultural boundaries.

Jamaicans are feeling this young, inspiring artiste who seem to be everywhere these days. Several persons have talked or ask us about Chronixx hence we thought it necessary to share with you THIS!