Friday, March 29, 2013

The Meaning of Easter

What does it mean to you?
*The meaning of Easter today for million of Christians, is that of honouring and recognizing Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead and his glorious promises for eternal life for all who believe in him. However, Easter did not always symbolize Christ's resurrection from the dead and the meaning of Easter was quite different than what Christians celebrate today.  The feast day of Easter was originally a pagan celebration of renewal and rebirth.  Celebrated in early spring, it honoured the pagan Saxon goddess Eastre.  When the early missionaries converted the Saxons to Christianity, the holiday, since it fell around the same time as the traditional memorial of Christ's resurrection from the dead, was merged with the pagan celebration, and became known as Easter.  The meaning of Easter was also changed to reflect its new Christian orientation.*

Easter Tendencies in Jamaica
According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Jamaica has the most 'churches' per square mile of any country in the world. This accounts for the strong religious belief that spreads across the island. Traditionally, Jamaicans of Christian belief spends Easter at church.  Early Good Friday morning service then regular service on Sunday.  The Monday that follows is a public holiday and celebrated as Easter Monday while the following Sunday is usually acknowledge as Easter Sunday.  But for some Jamaicans all these public holidays is for 'paataay,' (party) yes! some spend the day at the beach and other at home. Like every holiday season, food is a major part of the celebrations.  
During the Easter season the giving and eating of Bun and Cheese form a major part of the Easter tradition and Jamaican tendencies.  From the season of Lent begins there are some who refrain from eating meat hence, the demand for fish swells across the island so during the Easter season eating bun and cheese and fish meals out weighs the real meaning of Easter but these are the tendencies of a wonderful nation of people who dwell on an island in the Caribbean called, JAMAICA.

Here's Wishing you all a Happy and Holy Easter Season

Source: ** All About Jesus Christ

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Reggae Recording Artiste G'ovany Releases First Single off EP

Jamaican Reggae recording artiste G'ovany is excited about the release of his first single, "All Night" off his debut EP labeled 'Fighting."  The single was produced by Robin Mabumba of Dreaded Sounds Production, an independent label based in Johannesburg South Africa. The singjay who performed across England, Zimbabwe, United States, South Africa, Europe and the Caribbean believes his latest effort will touch the soul of the people and said, "ultimately an album is what me and my team are getting together but this EP is basically a good taste of the better that's about to forward.

Born and raised in Cassia Park St. Andrew, G'ovany attended the St. Judes Primary and Calabar High schools respectively.  After graduating from high school he joined Jamaica's corporate society working as a Chartered Accountant before making a serious transition into the local music industry.  It was year 2005 when he recorded a song titled "The Message" for producer Gibby Morrison then another on the High Voltage label before he started touring with Reggae artistes Fantan Mojah, Cocoa Tea and Luciano.   According to G'ovany "those tours gave me the strength and knowledge of the industry from a performance and a business level.  I've learnt that it's all about good music, structure and serious business strategy that's going to keep me viable in the game.  All Night, is a smooth contemporary/reggae, groovy kinda song, where one can listen at work, party, beach or anywhere," boast the entertainer then he continued saying, "I know the ladies will relate to this and give me a lot of praise for acknowledging and appreciating their existence."

The EP 'Fighting' will feature six (6) songs and a bonus track with production by Rokwon Music Group, Fire House, Pstreet Records and Dreaded Sounds, and will be distributed by Dreaded Sounds.  A video for the single has already been contemplated and should be out in a few weeks.  G'ovany who is also Co-founder and Owner of Rokwon Music Group along with Damion 'Mattic' Hill is hopeful that his music will impact the reggae market space impressively and fans will come to love and respect him for his contribution on the reggae music trail.  FOLLOW G'ovany on twitter @govanygeo or Facebook/geo.

Contributed: Rokwon Studios