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A Quest to Develop Big Dreams Productions into a Major Label

Fadda Biggs relaxing Having produced  songs   that have successfully impacted the local and international reggae music industry and worked with established reggae artistes such as  Lutan Fyah , Mr. Perfect , Esco Levy , Teflon , Bugle , Ras Ghandi among other over the years, Sikona ' Mr Biggs ' Blagrove, C.E.O. at  Big Dreams Productions  has hope for further development of his label in the near future and is now ready to officially announce its coming out in Jamaica. Big Dreams Productions is a project that has been set in motion for sometime by Clarendon born DJ/Producer known as Fadda Biggs or Mr. Biggs. The company is a registered label at RSP Tunes, 227 Weir St., Hempstead New York that also carry out studio functions at Big Links in Kingston, Jamaica by Engineer/Artiste Karl Morrison the producer of Busy Signal's remixed version of the Commodores 1982 title track from the Motown album of the same name, ' Night Shift ' which paid tribute to late soul si

Sean Paul and Shaggy are the Bob Marleys of my Generation

" every generation has an artiste that defines it, Bob Marley in the 70s, Shaggy and Sean Paul in the 90s and 2oth century..... "  He is the son of one Reggae's founding fathers, Big Youth, an artiste whose musical interest was first highly influenced by the American Hip-Hop genre,  producer and songwriter.  His parents named him Zambo Buchanan but musically he is known as, " Tafari ."  When Tafari, his brother, sister and friend decided to do music, they started out as a group and called themselves Thug Hype.  They loved the rap game and wanted so badly to be in it and why not, their dad Manley ' BigYouth ' or 'Jah Youth' Buchanan is not only a veteran of Reggae music but one of, the first Jamaican artiste whose 'toasting skills' made him popular in the 1970s, a style that would subsequently be referred to as 'Deejay' and claimed to have been the foundation from which Hip-Hop music was formed.  Big Youth was quoted as sayi