Friday, March 1, 2013

In Da Spotlight


His first official recorded song on Pstreet label is entitled, 'Carry On' from which a video was released that quickly gained #1 position on Jamaica's Hype TV cable channel top 10 chart and held the spot for two (2) weeks. "Carry On' is about a relationship bonded by love but threatened by hardship that would drive the female to take the decision to call it quits. But as the story unfolds, the female had to rethink her decision after finding out she was pregnant, as Tishawn sang, "she haffi carry on.' click to read more

Both Tishawn and Kashu formerly known as Cashew Man performed on the Nationwide Radio Network outside broadcast in Maypen Clarendon recently and is said to have left a favourable impression on fans and well wishers.

By: Sophia McKay

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Better Tomorrow includes Etana’s finest work yet

1950_ETANA-BETTERJamaican soulful singer Etana is about to put out her third album Better Tomorrow, a 14 track set mainly produced by Busy Signal’s manager Shane C. Brown. Working with mostly one sole producer gives the album a certain and very welcome cohesiveness, something her second album Free Expressions lacked.
Better Tomorrow is a warm effort where Etana has matured and evolved as a songwriter and she deals with motherhood, unconditional love and hopelessness offering optimism and comfort in times of struggle, distress and poverty.
Her sincere and soulful singing is sublime and especially heartfelt is Till You Get Old (Life’s Gift), dedicated to her newborn daughter and complete with audio clips from an actual birth set to the tones of piano, percussion and guitar. Being a parent myself, the track sends shivers down my spine.
But you don’t have to be a parent to appreciate this album. It has a little something for everyone, while staying almost true to the reggae format. On Whole New World she takes the listener on a 80’s funky trip and the title track leans toward a latin beat, while tracks such as The Strongest and the beautiful first single Reggae are more roots oriented with dub effects and smooth organ work.
Better Tomorrow sticks like glue and includes some of Etana’s finest work yet. Check it on CD and on digital platforms on 26 February.
Source: Reggaemani

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Apology Accepted

 Saturn Electronics Inc., the German company that came under fire for releasing an advertisement on German television and online channels that involved the trampling and burning of the Jamaican flag has reportedly pulled the commercial in the wake of continued backlash from Jamaicans and apologized.

According, the initiative was taken after consultation with Germany's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Jamaican Government.  A letter reportedly addressed to Jamaica's Ambassador to Germany, Joy Wheeler stated in part, " we must nevertheless take note of the fact that the humorous approach we selected has led to some misunderstandings in Jamaica and among Jamaicans living in Germany.  We sincerely regret this and would like to apologize if we have angered or offended anyone with our ad."  Additionally the letter states, "at no time was it the company's intention to offend the national sentiment of the Jamaican people," and that it was meant 'tongue-in-cheek.'

The Jamaican Government has reportedly accepted the company's apology in a letter of response.  In a Jamaica Observer feature, Reggae artiste Barrington Levy who had put his signature to a licensing agreement with the company for use of his song, 'Murderer' in the advertisement said he had no knowledge that "the visual would involve offensive use of the Jamaican banner."   As Levy puts it, "they could have found a different method" to go about it.  

Issue Resolved

Mistakes were made and acceptance of that mistake acknowledged by the company and acted upon.  So what's the word? One Jamaica 

By: Sophia McKay
Source: OutaRoad.Com
                   The Jamaica Observer

Monday, February 25, 2013

When Most Rasta Hail Selassie Tishawn Hails Jesus Christ

Reggae recording artiste Tishawn who caught the attention of London based Pstreet Records label manager Prince Gibbon two years ago, said he does not have to sing gospel to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.  Tishawn is from the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica and chose to pursue music as a professional career in 2005;  Of strong Christian background and sporting dreadlocks, Tishawn often blast thanks giving messages and bible scriptures on his Blackberry messenger praising Jesus Christ and declaring his love, faith and belief in the creator.  

Certainly not a unique characteristic but as a young Rastafarian Jamaican Reggae artistes it is unlikely as most, believes that H.I.M. Haile Selassie I is the first.  When prompt about his religion, a soft spoken Tishawn tells NIPnews of his religious background.  "I was brought up in the church and was a member of the choir. I have no desire to switch my faith and religious belief to suit his career," he said. Tishawn's belief in Christ Jesus is not a gist or something that one switches on and off, he was brought up that way and he believes that Jesus is the son of the almighty.

Tishawn's religious belief strongly influences his choice of music.  While he choose to sing about his life and the world around him, keeping it positive is foremost.  His first official recorded song on Pstreet label is entitled, 'Carry On' from which a video was released that quickly gained #1 position on Jamaica's Hype TV cable channel top 10 chart and held the spot for two (2) weeks. Carry On is about a relationship bonded by love but threatened by hardship that would drive the female to take the decision to call it quits.  However she was forced to rethink the decision as she found herself pregnant and so according to Tishawn, "she haffi Carry Onnnn." Asked if this particular song is personal, the 22 year old smiled.

Tishawn gets through life's challenges by putting his trust and faith in Christ Jesus.  When Pstreet Record released a track called, Stop the Killing, Tishawn got up one day to some tragic news of a 5 year old boy that was killed in Kingston.  He took to twitter to voice his disgust at the murder and his reason for writing songs such as Stop The Killing At the end of the week the post trended across the network and became one the week's top post where several major local media picked it up and retweeted it. Tishawn's song also got some airtime his message did not go unheard.  

As a firm believer in Jesus Christ Tishawn is not worried about his coming up or whether or not he will gain international status.  He said his trust and faith in God affirms that with time his dream will come true.  Tishawn starts his day reading a scripture and posting a verse which he hope will impact someone's day positively and throughout his day if he is ever challenged, would post scriptures to blast those challenges and overcome his obstacles, "Jesus never fails" he said.

By: Sophia McKay

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Despite Burning The Jamaican Flag

Despite the shocking revelation that a company would burn and trample a national symbol of a country in an advertisement to sell its product which shows very little or the lack thereof regards for that country and its people, the power of love prevails. The flag of Jamaica was adopted August 6, 1962 as a symbol of Jamaica's Independence from the British protected Federation of the West Indies. Black, green and gold are Pan-African colours representing the country's black majority population.  

Etiquette:  Jamaica's state ensign is a Blue Ensign with the Jamaican national flag in the canton; it is normally only used by the Jamaican Government.  

Unfettered Relationships
But inspite of such an unconscionable and disrespectful act, there are some Jamaicans who will forever love and respect the many Germans who have loved and supported our music and culture over the years.  If there is only but one artiste in Germany that every Jamaican should know, that artiste has got to be Gentleman.  A Jamaican at heart, Gentleman symbolizes the joy of a Jamaican/German relationship. Jamaicans have heard or come to know of many other German Reggae and Dancehall artistes who have not only visited the island but have brought Jamaica's music and culture back to Germany to share with those who are not as privileged, this relationship is unfettered.  

Over the year the Jamaican music industry have forged favourable relationships with producers, promoters, agents, sound system selectors, entertainment news editors, artistes and entertainers, musicians and fans from Germany that will continue to grow. The industry recognizes one of Germany's most popular Reggae/Dancehall group Seeed among several other musicians, artistes, dancers and dancehall queen such as Swaggi Maggi (featured here) that have impacted and left a favourable impression on us.  

The Jamaica Observer today has placed in the spotlight a German native Birgitt Pydde of Grevenbroich, a town that is said to be located in the North Rhine-Wesphalia region of Germany.  Birgit, the Observer reports, credits the music's positive tones for seeing her through difficult times and continued to speak to Reggae music's positive influence on Birgitt's life read more    

Despite the fact that the pride of the Jamaican people has been burned and trampled upon, love, peace and harmony reigns within the hearts of all well thinking Jamaican #1Love.

By: Sophia McKay