Friday, February 1, 2013

NIPnews Weekender Update

Tishawn Another Future Prospect of Jamaica's Reggae Industry
#Savejamusic Young recording artiste Tishawn, found himself among Twitters list of #TrendingTweetsThisWeek after posting the following:-

Caan believe dem kill ah 4 year old youth, that's y mi sing this song… @RealWaspp@FAME95FM1 @jamaicastar @zip103fm
31 Jan

This came in the aftermath of the brutal slaying of a 5 year old boy in Allman Town, St. Andrew.  According to reports, Rushane 'Ricardo' Burford was at home with his grandmother preparing for school when the unthinkable happened, a man carrying a gun took his life in a fit of anger.  On hearing the news a distraught Tishawn took to twitter to voice his frustration and reasoned that such an act was the very same reason he wrote and recorded his latest single entitled, 'Stop The Killing' click to listen.  

Bramma Drops Yet Another New Track

Dancehall artiste Bramma, did promise this one, 'Gorilla Dreadlocks Rasta' when he told #NIPnews in an exclusive report that "he feels good about the track and hopes the fans feel the same way too," read more The song produced by Steven McGregor is out now.  Outstanding to note, is the mix, it's tight! combined with Gorilla's aggressive flow and 'off tha chain' lyrical prowess.  To listen/download click Bramma Dot Com

Acknowledging Reggae Month 2013

Epic: #BobMarleyPeterToshnBunnyWailer 

February is Reggae Month in Jamaica and highlights a month long celebration of Reggae music promoted island-wide and geared at highlighting the impact of the musical genre on the country's social, cultural and economic development, sharpening the focus and drawing the attention of the world to this powerful asset that is wholly an original Jamaican product.  

Reggae month 2013 will feature a multitude of events that capture the true essence of Jamaican music with genres ranging from mento, ska, rocksteady and dub, dancehall and reggae.  The celebrations seek to deepen the linkages between Reggae and brand Jamaica.  

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Racist or Funny? Volkswagen Commercial What Sean Paul n Inner Circle Thinks!

In a commercial by Volkswagen for the Super Bowl 2013 game that has gotten over three (3) million Youtube views, the use of the Jamaican slur/dialect/slang by 'white guys' seem to have been a major debate on whether it is racist or funny for the 'attention grabbing' gesture.  

However according to US base website TMZ, Reggae superstar and current Grammy nominee Sean Paul and International Reggae Band Inner Circle thinks otherwise, in other words to them it's irie!  When asked how he felt about the ad, Sean Paul's comment was that that he is "100% cool with Volkswagen copping his homeland's accent for its new Super Bowl ad because it's funny a hell...and not the least bit offensive."  

While Inner Circle, felt that "duplication is the highest form of flatter, and our culture is a happy culture with good vibes." To further make their point according to TMZ both said, "ONE, ONE, ONE LOVE....." to Volkswagen

Source: TMZ

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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When Mom Dies

There are some who can relate to losing a mother and some who just can't imagine what it could ever feel like.  Either way, the pain and gripping thought is hard to bear.  Currently experiencing that hallow feeling felt within from losing his own mother, Reggae recording artiste Nesbeth shares his pain in song.  Like most artistes who've been through similar situation, the music becomes therapy for releasing inner pain.  This is Nesbeth's reason for recording his, "Tribute to Mama."  On the Inner House Music produced riddim, "Corner Stone," Nesbeth sang his heart out disclosing some of his inner most thoughts about the situation. Telling his story, Nesbeth reasoned that although persons sympathise with his situation, "if they could know, how much you mean to me." As if the hurt he's feeling intensifies while singing the song, Nesbeth expressed that what people saw "goes deeper than the surface" and as if reminiscing the last moments of his mother's passing he recalled, "the doc say your heart stop beating but me still caan believe him."  Nesbeth, four (4) other sibblings and other family members mourns the loss of mother affectionately called, 'Mama Gloria.' 

On behalf of New Image Promotions and all readers and visitors to our blog we say, R.I.P. Mama Gloria. Click to download and/or listen track here

By: Sophia McKay