Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tafari #Pouritup on Track with Beenie Man both Searching for Love; Big Youth Gives Advise

#NIPnews: Highly influenced by Hip-Hop music but born and bred on tha rock with a heart of Reggae, Recording artiste Tafari got to adding the vocals of Dancehall King Beenie Man and his dad Big Youth to a remixed version of his 'Money In Ma Pocket' single which has now been added to Sirius XM radio playlist.  

'Money In Ma Pocket' is produced on Tafari's indie Rud3 Music Label LLC and has been released on iTunes since last year but Tafari vibed remixing the track late December 2012 with Beenie Man and Big Youth's opinion on the subject.

On the prowl for love,  'Money In Ma Pocket,' is a tale of Tafari's adventure in search of love, "shawty sey she loves me but I just don't believe.. God forbid if I go broke I know she's gonna leave." The video shot on location in Kingston Jamaica, sparked some controversy among Tafari's female fans who questioned his reason to go searching for love in a strip joint.  But as it turned out Taf did not find what he was looking for there and at the end of the video he continued his prowl.

This might have been his reason for remixing the track to add dept and a continuous vibe to the concept.  When Beenie Man puts it down telling his own story or did he when he said, " want a woman whey love me for me n mek me feel n know what's real......want an empress inna me life nuh pretty face whey a gold dig" making it known publicly that he too is on the prowl.  And what about Big Youth, is he on the prowl too?  Big Youth played his role throwing out some solid advise, "but money can't buy you a queen with a heart dats clean n pure n genuine." Watch Tafari's Money In Ma Pocket video here:- and get to iTunes to download a copy of the hot remix.

By: Sophia McKay
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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tony Rebel's Positive Outlook on Jamaican Music and Emerging Artistes

 "Mi Love it, the youths dem a say positive things an that's what the music an the country needs.  It's what we promoting that dem singing" Tony Rebel. 

Tony Rebel
#savejamusic:  Recently in an article published in the Jamaica Observer, veteran Reggae sing-jay and promoter of the annual Rebel Salute show Tony Rebel, shared a positive outlook of the future of Jamaica's music and the emerging artistes.  "Mi Love it, the youths dem a say positive things an that's what the music an the country needs.  It's what we promoting that dem singing" said Tony Rebel. 

Promoting his annual event that has now evolved to a Roots, Reggae Festival and will be held from January 18-19 at a new location, the Richmond Estate in the parish of St. Ann, Tony Rebel told the Jamaica Observer writer that as organisers of the annual roots show which was first staged in 1994, they have been providing a stage for emerging neo-roots Reggae artistes to create a stir.  Rebel observed, that the current revival bears a glaring similarity to the movement he was involved.  "Every time the music seems to be going to the ground a cultural segment rises to bring it back.  It happens every 10 years," he said.

According to Howard Campbell, the previous resurgence to which Tony Rebel refer occurred in 2004 with the emergence of artistes such as Fantan Mojah, Turbulence, I Wayne and Queen Ifrica.  Unlike their predecessors, the current batch of Rastafarian artistes have not produced a flood of hit songs.  However they have appeared on numerous live events with Rebel Salute being the biggest for some.

The article painted very enlightening and interesting picture of Jamaica's music at 50 years. In regards to absence of hit songs from Jamaica's young Reggae artistes, Tony Rebel's belief is that the lack of mainstream success should not be a concern at this point he said, "Once they're (the artistes) are good, the hit songs will come," he said.

The ever positive and culturally aware Reggae soldier's view, is important to NIPnews #savejamusic campaign which has been launched here in this space, in an effort to re-create and share with Reggae music interests globally, "A Positive Outlook on the Future of Jamaica's Music and Artistes" throughout the year. Hence the personal opinion and factual insight of an internationally acclaimed Reggae artistes such as Tony Rebel on the subject, effectively boost the cause .  

For almost 20 years after he first hit Reggae charts with Fresh Vegetable and Chatty Mouth, Tony Rebel, the article reported, is enjoying his role as elder for the new wave of Rasta acts.  "Remember a we sing 'be careful what you teach the little children,' you nuh. We still have a lot to teach." he said. 

Source: Jamaica Observer
Writer: Howard Campbell
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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kashu Debut Album "Campaign to Champagne" to Be Launched Soon

Moby's Record Label get ready to launch it's neo-roots, Reggae singjay Kashu's debut album, entitled "From Campaign to Champagne," on January 31, 2013 at Moby's Entertainment complex in Clarendon.  The 15 track album is a compilation of Reggae, Dancehall and Reggae fused with Hip-Hop, R and B, Reggaeton and Pop genres, 14 of the 15 tracks are produced by Moby's Ryan Singh and Christopher Plummer and a single by Big Dreams.  Reflective of his musical journey, take a moment and watch Kashu as he walks you through the path that took him "From Campaign to Champagne."

The release of the album 'Campaign to Champagne,' is highly anticipated especially by Kashu's Clarendon Fans.  As the intensity in the Moby's camp heighten's and preparation for it's first official album launch get under way, Manager Ryan Singh disclosed that this launch marks the epitome of a successful future for both Kashu and Moby's Record.  

The Parish of Clarendon has over the years produced some of Jamaica's most potent Reggae artistes in the genre's 50 years of existence.  Ryan Singh and his Moby's Record label intend to unearth and introduce to the world, some of many young, talented Clarendonians who are budding with pride and potential in the parish's seemingly, churning Reggae 'mill.' He advises music lovers to take note of the birth places of artistes emerging from the shores of Jamaica and note the great ones before, to understand how important it is to provide a launch pad for developing talents in his parish.  Singh was not just speaking his thoughts aloud but had put in effect, Moby's Talent Search series last November which concluded sucessfully December 27th, 2012, in the parish and promises to commence a new edition in 2013.

The release of Kashu's debut album will be an important milestone not only for him but those in his parish who aspire to achieve what he has and more.  Irie FM's radio jock DJ Amber will host the launch while there will be guest appearances by Kashu's colleagues/fellow artistes Noddy Virtue, Hezron and label mates Israel Yadalfi and Jemineye all backed by Moby's band.  The campaign has ended, at least for now, it's time to pop some champagne.

Kashu and Moby's Records acknowledges and thank, all media that have supported his work over the years especially web-zines Caribbean E Magazine, The Afro News, West Indian Culture, Daily Motion, All African Cafe,, Global Reggae Festival Guide. Rab Entertainment News, The Jamaican Star, Gleaner and Observer as well as all radio, television or cable channels (too many to list) that have shared his music with audiences across the globe

Written by Sophia McKay
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