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What happens when a Gospel artiste goes culture?

Prodigal Son
Jamaican Gospel artiste Prodigal Son has found himself in the centre of a backlash from his fans after taking the decision to sing what he calls "cultural" music. So intense are the comments and messages he received, Prodigal Son saw it necessary to apologize for certain specific actions he made as well as clarify his reason for acclaiming a 'Cultural' artiste moniker. 

In a video posted on his facebook page, Prodigal Son affirm his Christian faith but stated that there are social issues he is called to talk about and will, with the influence God has placed in his life.  But the buck stops where? Prodigal Son further apologized for inappropriate action that stem from a 'clash' between himself and fellow Gospel artiste Omari in a nightclub! saying, "maybe it wasn't the right thing to do," then in an interview with the Star stated "he is still open to perform at any event whether Christian or non-Christian."

When music is about making money people in general will find it hard to separate those two main elements hence many will form the opinion that Prodigal Son has ditched his faith in Jesus Christ for fame and fortune.  But whereas it is about and from his own point of view, a risk, change or effort to spread the gospel among groups where it is needed most, as a "steward of a ministry of which I have a responsibility to carry out my duty" one has to do what he has to do. For those who do not care to judge, only time will reveal his true intent. 

Mindful of the danger that surround the plunge he's taken Prodigal Son said, "But in going in there I need to be a little more careful in how I represent.  It is a heavy mantle, but I have to carry it" and ask for prayers to guide him along his way.

By: Sophia McKay