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Sophia Squire gift of the season 'Love Like Rain'

"Grow in love, show some love..."

It's a clash aftermath now being discussed in sections of the Jamaican music industry.  As Sophia Squire embrace the industry she's apart of, she hands down her gift of the season, the Don Corleone produced
'Love Like Rain' joint off the 'Message Riddim.'  

Smiling, Sophia Squire admit she remembered feeling an over pouring of love within her recording this song, "I think I conceived" after recording it, "my life changed, in a good way.
We caught up with Sophia Squire over the season and talked about her career, how things are going and in relation to STING 2013 aftermath, what hope she has for the local industry in the future and she simply said, "Love Like Rain.

When we said our goodbyes I do agree that love changes attitude, it is a good thing, in every way especially while watching and moving nsync with her toward her two year old son Audeem, who was running and climbing just about anything and everything he could as she tries to snatch him, "we do need LOVE LIKE RAIN" let love reign this coming #NewYear2014 !!!  

By: Sophia McKay