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Chronicle of Chronixx

Jamaica this is for you,  a gift from a son of your soil, Chronixx the young and inspiring Jamaican artist who has given this writer a 'brain erection' having me totally gone with his flow and messages which lead to writing how I feel.  It matters not seriously which topic Chronixx choose, he's able to literally paint the picture of his vision seemingly effortless in his songs, each of which leads to a specific pathway of life that is forever relevant. But see yah, dem mussi tink you out a idea he sang about this beautiful girl he met, called Jamaica and sing praises of her sweetest gifts, as he charmingly encourages Jamaica to smile and offers himself, chronixx is here to your health mammi. While his gesture is not unique when compared with works by so many other artistes, it is certainly applauded for the manner in which he delivered it with style and purpose and in my mind legacy for Jamaica and Jamaican music.  

From introduction, Chronixx established that his foundation is built upon the principles of Jah. His 'truth' lead to my inquisition about what he has to offer and I subsequently gain an understanding of each song I have heard so far. Lyrics cleverly composed whereas even in intensity, of a fire that burns from de epicenta, Chronixx manage to deliver his 'truth,' with a force that transcend across boundaries, spiritually engulfed and effectively depicting that which he sings, a judgement when de cup dem full and run ova 

Some might say we've heard it all before but for me, not only is Chronixx music as real as it gets, de truth? Here comes the rasta youths.  To be so young, yet able to discern the foreseable future is a gift, one that reminds me of a great legend and other great men, born of Jamaica and have touched the minds of nation and nations of people across the world through music. Chronixx is on a mission, the young 'soul-jah of rasta' declare he is not alone, pointing to other artistes "just like me" he said, is in Jamaica . And as he speak of where he's from, what he's about and spread his message, he urge his audience  from near and far to kindly trod along...executing selassie I works and build rastafari troops.

With a peaceful approach Chronixx delivers his messages as a true messenger to the heart of the people. Give him a beat and a mic and Jah gi me di truth and sey gi dem, but did I say "it matters not seriously which topic he choose?" The subject of the ladies is bitter/sweet, this rasta yute has left many screaming females asking, "when are you coming to..." various countries to perform which can get tricky.  Chronixx let it Rain and Access Granted but his awareness dem gi wi dem jezebel is on point. Keeping it together is and has always been a challenge yet it never stopped legends and great men to achieve greatness. This is where many falter and this is where only time will tell but in the mean time the chronicle of 'Chronixx' the rasta youth, remain interesting to note.

Sophia McKay