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Razor B's brand spaking new single 'Mawnin to Night' you need to hear

Razor B
Razor B has released a brand spanking new single called 'Mawnin to Night' produced by Nu New Entertainment. The song seem as if it can set the tone for a Razor B take over of that "pawtay vibe" title artistes such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Baby Cham and Mr. Vegas to name a few, have attain in their careers as Dancehall entertainers. From the intro through to the flow that old skool vibe hits, complemented by the sounds of an infectious riddim and heavy baseline.  A song like this should connect easily with dancers. It's catchy  'Mawnin to Night' melody keep ringing in your ear. 
This is a type of vibe dancehall relishes and even better, in a season where dancing brings life to the party. From just imagining what the dance floor looks like with everyone gyrating their hips, timely and in that signature, choreographed reggae/rubba dub style, you get the feeling, "Mawnin to Night" has got to be a hit! (click the soundcloud widget below to listen) 

Razor B, previously signed to Nu New Entertainment was born in Jamaica and lives in Toronto, Canada.  He is a Reggae/Dancehall artiste who has an increasing fan base who loves his sense of fashion, taste for exotic dishes and delivering music that are proven true to his Jamaican roots.  The video for his previous summer single "We Party," recently held down the #1 spot on "Pree Dis" Caribbean Countdown, a video top 10 show streaming across the world wide web but rooted in Jamaica. 

The momentum that is already building on this new and exciting "Mawnin to Night' single, has Razor B's Nu New Entertainment team anticipating the release of a follow up video real soon. Get early update on what's happening with Razor B's career by following him @razorbhome on twitter, razorbhome on facebook and instagram and feel free to leave comments, messages as well as support the movement when you click to download Razor B's Music on itunes.'

by Sophia McKay