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Music Gifts for Christmas

Dancing 101 is a collection of songs, crafted by Dancehall/Reggae recording artiste Shaka Pow to teach persons wanting to learn Jamaican dance moves.  Each song is a different move on a different beat and even recorded with some of the dance move creators themselves such as Sadiki on Chiney Wine, Splice and Dance Class and Samboni on the popular Rubba Bounce.

The 24 tracks Dancing 101 album is also a tribute to late dance Icons Bogle and Ice who created the Gully Creeper move that turn out to be the last he created before he was fatally shot. Dancing 101 the perfect gift this Christmas is for anyone who loves Jamaican music and has a special song for the season called Dancing Christmas featuring Sadiki.  

Never old, it gets newer with age as it embodies 10 years of dance history, the perfect gift for collectors Jamaican music. The album is a body work compiled by Dr. Garth 'Shaka Pow' McDonald a medical practitioner who has served the island's pre-natal department for several years and make time to make his idea of capturing this aspect of the Jamaican musical heritage.

Dancing 101 album the perfect music gift for christmas