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“Sex sells,” starts Macka about the success of what many are calling the song of her career, the sexually charged and blatantly stimulating DYE DYE.
“I mean, let’s be real about the subject,” declares a confident sounding Macka, “like almost everything in life, none of this is new… Madonna did it, Janet Jackson did it, Lil Kim did it, and now there is Nicki Minaj, and we don’t even have to go so far, because even our own Lady Saw has done it, so the verdict is in, sex sells and continues to sell,” repeats Macka with a sly smile that seems to say it all.And from all indications, it is obvious that the Money Goddess is on to something, because with DYE DYE literally becoming the sex anthem of sorts that it has become, the demand for Macka has increased  tenfold, and like the true Dancehall trooper that she is, she has answered the call with class and energy that has left her audience wanting for more; so much so that she has had over four repeat performances in Trinidad alone So how does the forty and fabulous DJ keep up with a schedule that has more than tripled in demand? Again smiles proceed the coy reply, “jetlag…jetlag…it gets hectic at times, but you know what they say about the customer is always right…right? Well in my world, the audience is the customer, and if the promoters are calling you, that means that they are giving the customers what they want, and if a Macka dem want and all the necessary T’s are crossed and I’s dotted, best believe I will be there in fine form too.”

Spoken like the true veteran that she is, the DYE DYE hit maker is obviously in no mood to slow down anytime soon, because with the world literally calling, she is ready as she can ever be. “Right now the schedule is the busiest it has ever been, because this song is just that big. Right now is like we live a Trinidad, because we have done so many shows there already and still getting calls for more, and in a matter of days we on the road again, we have a show in Miami with Khago this weekend before we start the French Caribbean  tour in Martinique (a show being staged by local radio station TRACE FM), then we’re off to Bronx, Washington and Queens, followed by Saint Martin, Guadeloupe and French Guiana, and  right after that we head out to Europe for the European tour which includes stops in Paris, Poland, Germany and Switzerland, and then we have a series of shows in the United Kingdom, then we head back to Caribbean and South America, and do Tortola, Suriname and I think Costa Rica. So trust mi, di schedule mad, but I am loving every minute of it.”

Local fans can however catch Macka Diamond in action next at BLACK ON BLACK, set to be staged at The New Mass camp on October 20th, and at her own cook-out on the same date at Boasy Tuesdays HQ.  
Fans can also follow and keep updated with Macka Diamond on twitter or on facebook @ or the DYE DYE snowball effect began and is set to return again in December.

Source: PageTurner Publishing House