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Europeans Love 'Ol Skool Vibes' Jamaicans Need to Get Back to it

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With Jamaica slowly but surely returning to its vibes, Nicko Rebel Music has enlisted the services of veteran artists Shaka Pow and Joe Lickshot to bring back the Ol' Skool Vibes Europeans love so much and the Jamaican music and culture has been missing for far too long.

This collaborative single gives off a flashback effect with a sound reminiscent of the 1990s and Shaka Pow incorporates lyrics speaking straight forward of the issues that have caused todays' society to be beleaguered.  Chastising the declining economy, criminal trends and demonizing lyrical content in today's culture and music, Shaka Pow calls for a turn back to the days when Jamaica gained popularity instead of notoriety.  His call for a better tomorrow are based on his own personal assessment on the former state of the island, suggesting "Jamaica used to be sweeter, cleaner lyrics used to come through di tweeter, Jamaican did have less woman beater, drive carefully, children in di streets yah." Shaka's thought-provoking words are complimented by Joe Lickshot's unique vibe as the talented word-smith makes his point clear that he wants no crime and corruption to hold Jamaica hostage, like it has for so long.  Ol' Skool Vibes embodies every Jamaican's yearning for better days and creates the vibe Europeans have come to appreciate reggae music for.  It allows listeners to think back to those times when the island was truly IRIE and full of easy-going, fun vibes not infiltrated by negativity.

The song was released April 9th in all digital retail stores 0nline, is a true throwback and will incite memories with every word verbalized on this groovy riddim, signalling the time to bring back the Ol' Skool Vibes to Jamaica Land We Love.

Contributed: Nicko Rebel Music