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JRich "On Ma Grind" OMG! Stay True

Kingston, Jamaica   As radio pumps Toronto's native and rapper JRich's music across the local media network and his videos tumble among the most watched on several cable and television channels, future projection for the 23 year old's career is prospective.  'Love and Joy' featuring International Reggae artiste Warrior King has now become an household song, "people are singing it word for word" said a fan engrossed in the melodies of the song when asked how he thinks it's doing, recently at Dancehall's popular 'Weddy Weddy' weekly event.  JRich had gone to Weddy Weddy for the first time and was enjoying himself he tweeted. 

So this is Weddy Weddy.... Good Look, Shoutout to the artist

JRich came down with the flu shortly after that party experience and was forced to rest for a few weeks but meanwhile three (3) of his tracks namely:- On Ma Grind OMGWhere I'm At and a reggae collaboration with artiste Solution called, "Yes I Cangained momentum on some radio stations.

With another few weeks to go on the island, the young hip-hop/rapper make good of his visit, his experiences in studios, live performances and interacting with other artistes, media representatives and fans is a lesson in disguise, one he will always remember as long as he lives.  

By: Sophia McKay