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Michael Dawkins Release New Video while Solution Don't Wanna Lose His Soul

Media Quickies:  The boys are back, better than they ever was...

Michael Dawkins
Michael Dawkins Drops New Video
Ever since it's release Michael Dawkins,  "He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother" single continue to make the playlist of radio djs across the Caribbean, UK and Europe. The highly anticipated video for the single is now released and will be seen streaming across cable/tv channels in the coming days.  The track is a cover version of the original recording of Kelly Gordon in 1969 that later became a world wide hit for the Hollies band that year and Neil Diamond in 1970. 

Reggae Artiste 'Solution' Don't Wanna Lose His Soul
Have you hear the Atlanta base Reggae artiste who goes by the name, Solution's latest single? Well the song is called, "Lose My Soul" and condemns the mentality of crossing spiritual boundaries for fame.  Though this topic is not new to the music industry in general, Solution is speaking to an issue that seem to be playing over in his mind and a topic that is as relevant today as it ever was. Some artiste names clearly suggest their stance, this artiste Solution is one.  As his @reggaeinGeorgia twitter dpi clearly state " I am on an expedition to BUILD UP and NOT CORRUPT. JAH!"  This is his hope, this is what Solution brings to the industry hoping children and young adults even for a ' million times over,' be reminded of.   

Are they listening? Our guess is they might just be, radio airplay is increasing and there is a good vibe emanating from the streets. The video which depict the story as it is told by Solution on the track has increased in rotation across tv/cable channels.  Meanwhile, Solution does what he likes best, "sing for the people bringing food for thought," now ain't that a solution for issue from which he speaks?  

By: Sophia McKay