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Health and Entertainers; Dr Garth 'Shaka Pow' McDonald Highlights Health Risks

Many artistes/entertainers practice unhealthy eating and other habits attributed to their busy schedules and lifestyle.  In an article published in the Jamaica Gleaner, local artiste/entertainer and medical practitioner Dr Garth 'Shaka Pow' McDonald highlighted some of the unhealthy practices of some artistes and the risks they expose themselves to saying "A part of the whole entertainment thing is the public image and socialising in the party."  Shaka Pow the entertainer whose popular 'Dancing 101 album' is a tribute to late dance icons Bogle and Ice further stated in his capacity as a Doctor, "they consume a lot of alcohol," and noted that many entertainers also smoke or are exposed to second-hand smoking on a regular basis. 

Apart from high alcohol consumption, Dr. McDonald further stated that some artistes diet vary. Generally he said, they try not to consume many fatty foods and their fitness is of great importance, especially as it relates to performances read more...