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Artiste Promotion

Artiste promotion is a key element in the growth and sustenance of a successful music career.  New Image Promotions offers Artiste Promotional Services as part of our quest to assist in the ongoing process of developing marketable artistes/products/brands in the music industry.  All artistes need promotion whether they are upcoming and especially if they are popular.  They should never underestimate the benefits of promoting their music, image and brand or limit how they promote to just posting the URL of digitally distributed tracks on social media.  

Over the years, New Image Promotions have assisted many artistes across Jamaica, the Caribbean and United States in generating media attention with experience and expertise that are unmatched, and with media connections that span multiple industries and markets, we help our clients grow from 'Start to Stardom!" 

Music Submission (radio, independent djs)

Video Submission (cable channels, mainstream tv, websites)

Street Promotion (getting music played in clubs at parties etc)

Press Release Distribution and Written Documents  (Biography)

Internet and Social Media Promotion

We create special promotional packages for our clients with emphasis on building careers and taking them to the top of the game.  Let us take you to the place you want to be. Once they see you here, they will be seeing you everywhere. Send us an email @