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Talk That Talk

Although there is truth in what they say the same attempt should be made at implementing solutions to the ongoing problem.  

According to an article written in the Jamaica Observer, another discussion took place at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts recently on the 'The Jamaica Music Industry;  It's present state and the way forward.'  The article titled, State of Ja's Music Debated highlights some of the topics discussed such as management issues, unity among artistes, gender perspective and the type of music, "it went from thoughtful, revolutionary to get the people rallied up" one person suggested in regards to the content of songs.

These discussions however are old and ongoing the million dollar question is, "what have been put in place to reduce the underlying problems that arise from the meetings?" It must be noted that implementing solutions could have been discussed but that piece of information was not mentioned in the article so one should not assume that nothing will be done. However the fact that not much focus is placed on any effort made in the implementation of a solution, suggest that finding a solution is still in the pipeline.  

If the industry is fully functional then provisions should be made to educate members and opportunities created to earn.  One beg to ask the questions, "is there an annual local music summit?" How many radio stations pay royalties?  Why are there so many producers yet not one major label? Simply put, people are motivated when the system start paying them back.  The problem that exist cannot be that of the artistes alone, in other industries artists reap the benefits of their hard work whilst locally there are but a few crumbs that are already taken. Not much of choice you say?.

By: Sophia McKay