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"Some Day" Betta Must Come said Jamaican Reggae Recording Artiste Sophia Squire

She is known among young and mature music fans in Jamaica for her almost puur-fect songwriting skills and delivery.  Sophia Squire who was once Back-Ground Vocalist for the late Gregory Isaacs has released a string of popular songs that has made her one of the most respected female vocalist in Jamaica.  From Rat-A-Ta-Ta-Tat, Nuh Gunz to Nah Fight Ova No Man, Nature, Love, Got A Date (remix with U-Roy), Next To Me, Love Can't Pay The Bill s, Some Day and a slew of other tracks, the mother of two has matched the skills of Tanya Stephens (who credited her for her work), Queen Ifrika, Etana, Alaine Laughton and Tessanne Chin all of whom have proven that they are not only talented vocalist or entertainers but eloquent song writers among their female counterparts in the Jamaican Reggae industry.

Since her 1993 debut entry to the local industry, Sophia Squire has written songs having to deal with current social issues and relationships which seem to best describe her preference.  Teenagers love her 'old skool' and 'playful way with words" on tracks such as, "Next To Me" and  'Nature,' while the more mature fans can relate to just about every song.

Sophia Squire's music rotates daily on many of the local radio stations in Jamaica as radio jocks simply, love her and are fans themselves.  The quiet, soft spoken rastafarian patiently awaits her big break which seem sooner than later.  Recently Sophia recorded a single entitle, "Some Day" produced by Rocksteady Fred on the Tunesberg Record label and shot a follow up video shortly after.  Within two weeks after it's release the video garnered over 100,000 views on youtube (see below).

This is huge for the Spanish Town, St. Catherine native who told N.I.P., "I am humbled at the fact that within three (3) days of the two weeks that the video has been uploaded to Youtube, it has gained 100,000 views from 15,000 to 122,000 as we speak."  This she said is indeed a first in her career and welcoming at a time when the local brand (Reggae) seem to have once again elevated from the axe of the critiques who pronounced it dead.  

The lyrics for 'Some Day' are simple, it is uplifting and motivating "we rise, we fall, we creep we crawl, still we got to keep it firm....Some day, betta must come....We have the ability fi do much betta."  Hopeful about her future, the mother of an 18 month old son is enjoying her time with her baby boy whom she say with a smile, "has shown keen interest in writing songs" but looks forward to touring again, this time however it will be a full blown, Sophia Squire in Concert, "imagine that" she said speaking her thoughts aloud.

By: Sophia McKay