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Macka Diamond's 'Dye Dye' a Hit

Macka Diamond has changed position once again with her now trending 'Dye, Dye' track.  The sexually explicit street version has got many people talking, "Macka look like she find it" Dancehall/Reggae artiste Cecile tweeted. Macka Diamond is one of few artistes to find a popular, trending or hit song each year.  In 2011, the hard working Macka Diamond ruled summer with her popular 'Cow Foot' song that became a staple on the dance floor when Shelly Belly created the dance .  

The song held it's own until around Christmas after which Macka spent the rest of the year ignoring criticisms about her age or so it seemed.  2012, Macka threw shade at her detractors dropping what became another popular track called, 'Forty n Fabulous.' Now once again, she returns to the spotlight with her first popular song of 2013, 'Dye Dye' and according to her, "da one ya a heart attack." With only two months left for summer to begin, the money O Diva is about own the season, or is she?

By: Sophia McKay