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For Those Who Doubt...

#savejamusic "The best thing to be right now is, Optimistic.

That Snoop Lion conquest is certainly getting loud as the Reggae/Rapper presses on with the promotion of his 'Reincarnated' album, making a lasting impression with his new found love, Reggae/Dancehall music and the Rastafarian culture.  As Snoop Lion extend himself, one foresee a platform created from which more Hip-Hop die heart fans can better understand Reggae/Dancehall music. Social media is buzzing with news daily from the various media outlets Snoop Lion has appeared and although some fans throw shade at the 'reincarnated' Rap icon, the awareness has surely been created. Snoop Lion's album now tops Billboard Reggae Album Chart as the publicity mill churn the news.  

Interestingly, the No Guns Allowed track on the album which speak to issues many local artistes sing about daily, has garnered interest even in the US political arena.  The New York Daily said, the rapper lend his mellow voice to the ongoing debate over gun control. These discussions arise from debates such as reported in another article of NYDN, where writers Adam Edelman and Don Friedman pointed to, the harsh reaction some senators are facing in their home states for voting down new background checks on gun purchases, highlighting Senator Chuck Schumer's statement where he said, "One of the big changes, and one of the reasons that I am truly optimistic we will get something done, is that I am hearing support for gun safety in places I've never heard it before."  More kudos to Snoop Lion and his team.  

Hopefully, Snoop Lion's declaration that he is, "the reincarnation of Bob Marley" is received
in good faith in the Jamaican music industry.  In my view, their is an opportunity here to capitalize on.  Getting the fans attention has swerved these days from traditional strategies. Aiming to break through and rise above the wonderful new digital tools that make it difficult to get noticed in this fragmented media market requires more than just a plea, it needs a voice.

Meanwhile the seemingly, easy going Snoop Lion tweeted April 29, 2013, "dennis brown "Here I come"- the music behind the music
For those who doubt, words are tools of communication and not a substitute for action.  To do nothing is the way to be nothing.

Source: Reggaeville Album Review  New York Daily News Billboard 
By: Sophia McKay