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Where is Taliban?

"A di baddest female artiste me hear fi years.........all some man you badda dan..... " said Aidonia.

She entered and won the 2012 Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition, aired annually on Jamaica most viewed television network, Television Jamaica. Her stage name is 'Taliban' but ever since walking away with the prize as well as leaving Jamaica's largest television audience in awe, Taliban is noticeably missing in action. 

The Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition is one which creates a launch pad for up coming Dancehall Kings and Queens by way of exposure many would have not been able to finance independently.  The winner of the coveted prize walks away with one million Jamaican dollars (J$1,000,000), a single and a video.  The final night of the competition is most anticipated as the curtain closes in true Dancehall fashion, a 4 part 'clash' series after which the public decides through a voting system who is their King and Queen of the Dancehall. 
A crowned Taliban on stage

Taliban's talent was evident from the start but as the lyrical battle between her and opponent 'Kayla di Diva' ensued during the clash, Taliban proved her worth going into overdrive and spat lyrics that were seemingly built on spot to destroy Kayla Di Diva's tough challenge.  Taliban's onslaught sent 'the diva' into oblivion and left the live television audience that witness it, in awe.  As Aidonia, who is highly regarded as one of the best Dancehall artiste currently in the game and a Judge for the competition had said that night, "A di baddest female artiste me hear fi years......" 

But after such a display of raw talent, and the outpouring of applause from across the island at Taliban's prowess, one would have thought the local music industry, it's gate keepers or the powers that be would have capitalize on this very promising female Dancehall artiste who has gone MIA (missing in Action). But no, that is not to be as one year after the competion questions linger, the one asked most, "where is Taliban?" 

By: Sophia McKay