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Root Cause

As artists get more creative, discovering new ways in which they can reach audiences, one Dancehall artiste hit way below the knees, his target audience? The Kids.  In the simpliest most childish and almost harmless way Tommy Lee dropped an infectious video laced with cartoon goodies, driving home subliminally, his Uncle Demon messages to the kids.

Tommy Lee's strategy although not new, should have earned him kudos as audience building is key to major success in the music industry.  This trait is a replica of his former Gaza Boss's strategy against Bounty Killer's Alliance audience in 2010.  But the question is, has Kartel's strategy made Bounty Killer any less than the Icon the people said he is?  

Getting the children's attention is just one aspect of this game, but how one choose to manipulate their minds define the manipulator.  Always remember that man is not rewarded for having brains, but for using them.  When you get the children's attention, be careful of how you do.

By:Sophia McKay