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Main Street Artistes Reunite for Performances

Remember the synergy created back in the 90s from a group of artistes under the label Main Street Records?  Recently the artistes, General Degree, Red Rat, Mr. G aka Goofy, Buccaneer, Hawkeye and Lady G have reportedly reunited for performances and their first will be in the Bahamas on May 3rd.

Deejay General Degree explained how the idea came about in a Jamaica Observer article, "our fans are always requesting this and I have always wanted to do this but it wasn't until last year that we meet up as a crew to discuss the matter."

When Main Street crew was the domineering set of artistes in Dancehall, the artistes individually had songs that impacted the airwaves impressively which resulted in them travelling frequently across the Caribbean, Europe, UK and the United States performing.  Tracks such as Red Rat's Shelly Ann, Bucanneer's Bruk Out, Goofy's Brush Yuh Teeth, Hawkeye's Arrest Mi Officer and General Degree's Hold Yuh Tight and Granny.

Main Street label hiatus came to an abrupt end when Manager Danny Browne join the Christian faith 15 years ago and never looked back.  Former members Richie Stevens and Chrissy D will not rejoin the group.