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Lets 'Fog Up De Place' It's Carnival Time

Yuup!!, It's that time of year when Jamaicans fuck up Ooops!
Fog up the streets of Kingston. It's their last hurray for the Soca season, thousands line street pavements in anticipation of, "de Road March mon" Trinidad style, snooping from high rise buildings, fences or any elevated area that will allow for good view.  Soca music fill the air and revellers, some highly intoxicated from heavy consumption of liquor or the music dance and fuck up  Fog Up' de place.  'The Fog' is one of, if not the most popular track out this season by Soca King Machel Montano.

If you are in Kingston this Sunday April 7, 2013, get to the New Kingston area, join the road march, get on bad and fuck up (hic) "Fog up de place." read more