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Canadian Rapper J-Rich & Reggae's Warrior King Release New Single 'Love&Joy'

Canadian Rapper J-Rich who is currently in Jamaica promoting his new single entitled, "Love and Joy" featuring the island's popular roots Reggae artiste Warrior King said, "through my blend of Hip-Hop, Reggae and Dancehall I hope to leave a favourable impression on those who have come to hear my music."  J-Rich began rapping 'just for fun' mostly in freestyle battles until he got an opportunity to record with a popular group in Canada known as 'Block 13 Kidz.' He was 15 years old when he opt out to go solo and recalled,  "I recorded my first track, 'It's a Block Thing' in my basement using a hand-held microphone plugged into the mic jack for my PC." The twenty two year old rapper said the track was a collaboration he organised with a youth in his community who shared his passion for rapping. They recorded the song on a remixed Neptunes beat.

The J-Rich/Warrior King collaboration is lyrically inclined to spread the universal message of 'Love and Joy,' "what's the sense if we ain't got love for each other?" J-Rich raps while Warrior King drives home the message in reggae style.  The lyrics further suggest J-Rich is extending a hand, "take my hand lil man, greet you as my brother" to emphasize his point.  Love and Joy is produced by Jam 2 Production.

J-Rich will be spending some time on the island promoting this track as well as absorb as much of the positive energy of Reggae in it's home setting before heading back to Canada.  The rapper who is best known for tracks, 'Tell The Brothers' and 'Stand Up' shot a video  on location in Greenvale Mandeville, located south of the island as well as included scenes from some hot spots known to be major tourist attraction such as Lovers Leap in Yardley Chase Southfield and Jack Spratt Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth.  Manager Devon Richards said just by shooting this video, the love and joy message, "has already started to impact persons positively." This, resulting from a community divided for years by dispute,  reunited by way of attending the shoot together.    

Warrior King who is glad to be apart of the project said, "when I got the track to do the collaboration my manager Steve Henry told me to write about love and joy and this gel with J-Rich's concept perfectly. The world need love and joy and we decided a roots rhythm would effectively carry across that message.

Love and Joy has already garnered much airplay on several radio station across Kingston, as for J-Rich, "I feel that I've really waken up as an artiste and just now realize the potential I have to go after my dream."

By: Sophia McKay