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Only Ras Tafari

Asante Amen looking for musical justice in 2013.
Asante Amen #1Love
Asante Amen drops a new single called ‘Only Ras Tafari’ which is already receiving radio airplay nationally and internationally; however, the melodic Rastafarian Roots-Reggae singer  is expecting his career fortunes to take a turn for the better in 2013. “I have been a diligent student of Spiritual Roots Reggae for a while now and people from all over the world have recognized my contribution to Roots Reggae and mi love that. But this year me need to get that same stamp of approval from mi back yard”. Said Asante and furthermore, “A right here di music mek an a here we perform most a di songs dem, so we just want di highlight and the official Jamaican green light now”.

'Only Ras Tafari' (click to listen) was recorded for Street Kid Music Production headed by Norman ‘Street Kid’ Richards, a close friend and now manager of Asante Amen. “It was right for me to start off the year with a single that is not only dear to my heart, but from the camp”. Street Kid is being assisted by Kamau Janai, also a long time friend of Asante, in managing the artist’s affairs and putting him to the world. “Right now, with a new single and a new management team in place, my career is headed in the right direction, so a just the work fi put in now, although nuff work put in already”.

Asante is enthusiastic about the fortunes of his career for 2013, as there seems to be more attention being paid to roots reggae music generally in Jamaica these days. “Bwoy mi confident se my music ago pick up ina Jamaica big time now, cause me see how di people dem a gravitate towards ones like JAH 9, Chronixx and Raging Fyah and is the same message me did have from day one, so is just to turn up di campaign so everybody a hear mi ting one time, rather than a group here and a group there like in the past”.
With his new single receiving very positive feedback so far, a video to support the single in the works and a slew of new singles slated for release this year, Asante feels very confident that his time to shine has arrived. “If is not this year, I can’t see which one it is. Every disc jockey that get it so far love it and everyone that hear it a se di same ting, so me well confident se me ago get mi justice ina di music this year”. Only Ras Tafari can also be found on popular social media sites like YouTube, FaceBook, SoundCloud and MySpace.
Asante is slated to do an interview with One Harmony radio in the UK on March 9th and performs next at the Dennis Brown Tribute on March 17th