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Jamaican Slangs Pat-wah Mix Up n More

'Kiss me teeth' of course in annoyance to anything that bothers me and if I wish to share my disgust on twitter, bbm or wats-app it's, 'kmt.'  Den (then) if the music is popping it's 'str8 shellingz' like (straight shellings) yeah like dat.  Better yet, Pop Star Rihanna is such a darling quickly making one of her fans even a bigger fan after she (di fan) tweeted, "on my way home from Chicago we didn't get to meet her blah blah blah." Rihanna saw that and asked, "you left????" "How Far (u reach?)" Jamaicans would ask, but anyway bottom line, Rih sent for her and took pictures and shit n post di pix pon twitter, dis bitch yah 'slap whey.'  What the hell, WTH! Yeah man, Rihanna slap whey!

Tun up has become, turnt up and turn up, no sah, dat nuh right, it kine a (kind of) boring da way deh still, but wha nah go boring is #CBXAlbum when it drop April.  It did a trend pon twitter and everybody a sey it ago 'shat (shot)!' Well that it certainly will, the expectations are high plus Chris Brown is now enjoying a combination of two major stars fan-base, 'dweet' (do it) Chris.

One or two tings Jamaicans dare not use mek slang and dat is the word, 'ass' no sah, nuh run nuh joke wid da word deh and doe go 'bitch' dat pass bright.  Absolutely no slangs there at all.  Well, how budding reggae artiste Tafari have so much "Money in Ma Pocket" yet him caan get no love?  Doe know, but the song all ova iTunes wid free download.  Did Konshens get it een? Everybody waan kno and dem may neva kno, anyway d song hot, she 'Raine' and siddung pon di track doe, it bad!

Mumma Saw nuh mek fun fi 'talk up di tings dem' calling out all her past mattie; whey she sey? One a day? Pupa jeezas!  Mavado sey wid Kartel a prison him nuh see nuh competition in a Dancehall, OMG!! So the focus now is making it big ina merica (America) and it look like it can gwaan, MTV debut an video debut pon Billboard, Cash Money Millionaire head Bird Man stand up ina one a di video dem, Judge pon BET 106 and Park, a history.  What is di unda-lying prablem betwix Snoop Lion and di Legend?  A who first come up wid da album title deh? Re-incarnated -50...lawks, mi doe kno.

Whew! After that Jamaican dialect total take over, we beg to continue:-

Jamaicans love drink soup pan sat-day (saturday), eat rice and peas and chicken every Sunday even doe ackee and saltfish a di national dish.  Stew peas wid white rice and piece a 'salt ting' one day ina di week as well as curry chicken, chicken back/neck wid white rice or dumpling 1-2-3-times a week fi some people.  Jerk chicken, pork, lamb for the elite at take out or just jerk chicken back-neck-gizzad ina ghetto style, oh and fish any style fi di rasta dem.  Well some a dem caa some just stick to veggie.

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by Sophia McKay