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A Quest to Develop Big Dreams Productions into a Major Label

Fadda Biggs relaxing
Having produced songs that have successfully impacted the local and international reggae music industry and worked with established reggae artistes such as Lutan Fyah, Mr. Perfect, Esco Levy, Teflon, Bugle, Ras Ghandi among other over the years, Sikona 'Mr Biggs' Blagrove, C.E.O. at Big Dreams Productions has hope for further development of his label in the near future and is now ready to officially announce its coming out in Jamaica.

Big Dreams Productions is a project that has been set in motion for sometime by Clarendon born DJ/Producer known as Fadda Biggs or Mr. Biggs. The company is a registered label at RSP Tunes, 227 Weir St., Hempstead New York that also carry out studio functions at Big Links in Kingston, Jamaica by Engineer/Artiste Karl Morrison the producer of Busy Signal's remixed version of the Commodores 1982 title track from the Motown album of the same name, 'Night Shift' which paid tribute to late soul singers Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson.  Other studio Engineers at Big Dreams Productions includes Carnal Brisco, Avril Ashley, Rich Daley, Sergio and Jeff Deer who have composed rhythms such as Water Melon, Irish Sprin, Dreams and Magnet & Steal.

Currently assigned to the label are artistes Karl Morrison, Ra Deal, Pedro and Dezi. The main objective for these artistes is to help broaden their voices through innovative and creative ways with today's technology and resources and find ways to connect them effectively and efficiently with reggae audiences across the world.  'We are on a mission, our aim is to develop in a major way, creating more opportunities and options for Reggae artistes in Jamaica" said Fadda Biggs. This feat he hope to achieve by partnering with RSP Tunes,"Members of RSP Tunes are experienced A and R, whose role, although changed in today's industry, is critical to what we want to achieve" he continued. 

Artist and Repertoire are traditionally that individual who would match up recording artists with songwriters, pick songs that would suit the artiste and pick artistes that would score hits for songwriters.  Over the years their role has changed, and while they may still suggest songwriters and producers for artistes to work with their main job in acting as the point of contact between the artiste, and their management, and the rest of the label infrastructure. "This is what they will actually bring to the table partnering with Big Dreams Production," said Mr. Biggs, "their knowledge and experience."

With only one major label catering to reggae, the attempt of Big Dreams Productions to develop it's label in a major way will take time.  However, Sikona Blagrove is adamant that he has the time and will remain focus until Big Dreams Productions is no longer a dream.

By Sophia McKay