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When Most Rasta Hail Selassie Tishawn Hails Jesus Christ

Reggae recording artiste Tishawn who caught the attention of London based Pstreet Records label manager Prince Gibbon two years ago, said he does not have to sing gospel to believe that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior.  Tishawn is from the parish of Clarendon, Jamaica and chose to pursue music as a professional career in 2005;  Of strong Christian background and sporting dreadlocks, Tishawn often blast thanks giving messages and bible scriptures on his Blackberry messenger praising Jesus Christ and declaring his love, faith and belief in the creator.  

Certainly not a unique characteristic but as a young Rastafarian Jamaican Reggae artistes it is unlikely as most, believes that H.I.M. Haile Selassie I is the first.  When prompt about his religion, a soft spoken Tishawn tells NIPnews of his religious background.  "I was brought up in the church and was a member of the choir. I have no desire to switch my faith and religious belief to suit his career," he said. Tishawn's belief in Christ Jesus is not a gist or something that one switches on and off, he was brought up that way and he believes that Jesus is the son of the almighty.

Tishawn's religious belief strongly influences his choice of music.  While he choose to sing about his life and the world around him, keeping it positive is foremost.  His first official recorded song on Pstreet label is entitled, 'Carry On' from which a video was released that quickly gained #1 position on Jamaica's Hype TV cable channel top 10 chart and held the spot for two (2) weeks. Carry On is about a relationship bonded by love but threatened by hardship that would drive the female to take the decision to call it quits.  However she was forced to rethink the decision as she found herself pregnant and so according to Tishawn, "she haffi Carry Onnnn." Asked if this particular song is personal, the 22 year old smiled.

Tishawn gets through life's challenges by putting his trust and faith in Christ Jesus.  When Pstreet Record released a track called, Stop the Killing, Tishawn got up one day to some tragic news of a 5 year old boy that was killed in Kingston.  He took to twitter to voice his disgust at the murder and his reason for writing songs such as Stop The Killing At the end of the week the post trended across the network and became one the week's top post where several major local media picked it up and retweeted it. Tishawn's song also got some airtime his message did not go unheard.  

As a firm believer in Jesus Christ Tishawn is not worried about his coming up or whether or not he will gain international status.  He said his trust and faith in God affirms that with time his dream will come true.  Tishawn starts his day reading a scripture and posting a verse which he hope will impact someone's day positively and throughout his day if he is ever challenged, would post scriptures to blast those challenges and overcome his obstacles, "Jesus never fails" he said.

By: Sophia McKay