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These Eyes Have Behold!

In Celebration of Black History Month 2013
By: Paulet Biedermann

These Eyes Have Behold!
You plucked me from my roots, and rendered me mute
You had no idea I would someday take over your loot
Ultimately, even wearing your boot.
From the stifling space, you shipped me in haste
You shackled me to the base, as you didn’t want your property going to waste.
My captors knew not the end, as they captured me when, myself I could not even
They sold me for rum, plum and perhaps even some fun!
And kept me in the hole, in conditions I have never behold
As I watched my brother and sister become stiff and cold.
Such sights I have never behold, and I grow increasingly cold, as it was never

The stench from dead black bodies lingered in the air,
even long after entering their watery grave.
We stood motionless as it becomes crystal clear, it soon will be too much to bear,
 we stood and watched with horrifying fear…
You threw my baby over board,
while my siblings like cattle you hoard.
And now we sat quietly aboard.

Unloading your boat, like mammals we tote,
Washed down, oiled down, like a new dime we shone, weary and hungry, to town at
dawn Fearful and nervous, we are nothing but clowns
Not even the brilliant sun, could wipe away our frowns.
They inspected our mouths, our teeth and hair, as they winked at each other, and
tout about our strength.
 We wanted to shout but wouldn’t dare, as no one would hear, or even care..
Albeit; our destiny was made clear.
You are useless when old, so no longer human eyes must behold,
 as over board you are worth much, while on board you are worth none such, as you
must be strong, fit and bold
To the highest bidder you will be sold,
As in the history books this transaction will eventually be told

You could never imagine what these eyes have behold,
You are often cut down without ever having been scold.
Nothing these eyes have seen, compared to our brother’s newly acquired mean
As he stood between me and the fulfillment of my dreams;
 oblivious to what this really means.
He chopped down one and captured four,
Among them was his master’s whore
She too was burnt alive, while the others took an unwilling dive,
choosing to hang upside down in a cage until they die, even then they would not lie,
As the suffering they could no longer bear,
Dying in the town square is an honor for the pair
But for our Maroon Prince, death in a cage is a wonderful thing, as living in bondage
is no place for a king, our brilliant sage; as with dignity he turned the final page.