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Kurt Legacy's 'If I Said' is Poppin

Kurt Legacy
Several radio stations across the Caribbean and as far as South of France have been reportedly blazing the hot new single, "If I Said" by Kurt Legacy featuring Kyapi. The Dancehall/Hip-Hop fused beat of Kurt's single is a production of Kurt Legacy's independent label, New Hites Production.  Born and raised in Clarendon but currently based in Florida, USA, Kurt Legacy has been on the grind promoting this track in Jamaica as well as the Caribbean, United Kingdom and across several radios based in different European countries that spins Reggae/Dancehall and Caribbean music.  Thus far, If I Said has been in constant rotation on South of France's Caribbean Culture Radio.  

The single is popping and will surely keep the females gyrating in the clubs, dance hall, beach party to the heavy baseline and Kurt's sultry voice and teasing lyrics as he sings "If I said u had a beautiful body, would you hold it against me, If i said you were a bombshell I can keep, would you grind it up on me, I want your body all on me, I want you shower down on me, I want u put it down so I can't sleep, I want u lock me do with it."  Check out the track below:-

If you have not just yet it is time you discover, Kurt Legacy.  Follow Kurt on twitter @kurtlegacy and Facebook.

By: Sophia McKay