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Top 5 Most Controversial Dancehall Topics 2012

Our Top 5 Most Controversial Dancehall Topics that filtered into the music throughout 2012 are as listed below.  In an effort to help those who do not understand the Dancehall culture and as part of our #savejamusic campaign, #NIPnews will from time to time and in our own views explain what this music is about, what drives the Dancehall artistes and why locals gravitate to the music so much.  How the artistes express themselves are a totally different subject but the Dancehall space in many instances, is used to vent frustration, voice personal opinion, introduce new slangs or for fun and frolicking.

1)Gothic Image and demonic lyrics
Throughout 2012 'darkness' swelled the Jamaican Dancehall genre.  With the incarceration of not 1, not 2 but 3 Stars a new star was born.  But then, Tommy Lee's gothic image and 'demonic' music did little to enlighten the darkness hence Dancehall 2012 lost it's colourfulness.  Grrrrr....

2) Artistes Murder/Suicide/Drug Related Charges & Arrests  
Late Capt. Barkey & lover Tracey
News of Captain Barkey's murder sent shockwave across the music industry.  A married Captain Barkey was killed in the parking lot of a motel in New York by his girlfriend's ex-lover who later killed himself.  There was the Murder/Drug Related Arrests and subsequent sentencing of several key artistes in the Dancehall which cast a cloud of doubt on the future of the genre.  Ace Dancehall and Reggae/Dancehall artistes Vybz Kartel, Busy Signal and Buju Banton found themselves on the wrong side of the law.  While hope for Buju's release is now a wish or miracle by Jah, Vybz Kartel is yet to know of his faith.

3) Busy Signal Freed
After serving 6 months in US Federal prisons, Busy Signal return to Jamaica receiving celebrity treatment.  Busy gave his best performance ever at an historic staging of STING and his first anywhere after his release.  Busy's freedom signals hope for the genre and the future of his colleagues as many fans, have been holding their breath with fingers crossed that Vybz Kartel will return to the Dancehall sometime in 2013.

4) Homophobia and Homosexual issues 
Will this issue ever go away?  Most Jamaicans are totally against homosexual lifestyle and believes it is within their right to express their views.  Such views are expressed in the music   in which homosexual groups totally disregard. Well artistes like Sizzla Kolanji voiced his frustration and ended up performing a gig that was cancelled by gay activists.  2013 would be a good year if any for all to find a resolve to this continuous issue. 

5) Sexual Conduct/Preferences 
Another issue that stands out in Dancehall is one particular sexual conduct between Heterosexual couples. Most artistes have zero tolerance for any man who goes 'down' on his female companion and preaches their disgust on the practice not only in the Dancehall but publicly on stage.

by Sophia McKay
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