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'Busy' Signals Readiness for International Stage Once Again in Reggae/Dancehall Style

Busy Signal
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A musically matured Busy Signal upheld the expectation of the promoters of the Jamaican event brand STING, when he delivered what critics are calling 'an historic performance' at the troubled event.  Newest team member Joe Bagdonovich, who revealed 'Onstage,' an entertainment program aired on CVM television Jamaica that he pumped over J$20,000,000 into the coffers of the 2012 staging of the show, had promised during the show's promotional campaign that Busy Signal, among Sizzla Kolanji and a few others, would have been one of the 'game changer' artistes booked, that would bring about a well needed change to the overall outlook of the annual Reggae/Dancehall event.  

forefront: Josep Bogdonovich 
Josef Bagdonovich was indeed right,  STING, dubbed, 'The Greatest One Night Reggae/Dancehall show on Earth' and usually marred with on stage confrontation resulting from clashes between artistes, made Twitter's third most discussed topic between 1am and 7pm Wednesday December 27, 2013 (click to read more) and Busy Signal delivered one of, if not his best performance ever.

When Busy, who is freed of all charges by U.S. Federal authorities after spending 6 months in prison on Escounding bail related to drug charges hit the stage, his total presentation, from introduction that also included a display of what could have been his darkest moment (being held by the United States Feds) across large screens, a 'Busy' prayer of thanks and gratitude to the 'most high Jah' and an energetic burst onto the stage taking fans down memory lane, totally rocked.  Busy, signalled that he came prepared to deliver a show and by the time he got half way through his performance, demonstrated his readiness to once again take on the world stage, this time without fear or reservation and in true Reggae/Dancehall style.  

Backed by Jamaica's leading Saxaphonist Dean Frazer and his band, Busy spent much of his performance explaining his ordeal locked up in Federal prisons, "It was just six months but it felt like six million years" he said to an audience that went silent at some point listening his stories.  As he expressed gratitude for not only being able to perform before the massive Jamaican audience in attendance at the 2012 staging of STING and given a second chance at life, Busy told the crowd he understood what Buju Banton's plight might be like, "I know exactly what Buju Banton is going through and I wouldn't wish prison for my worst enemy.  I would rather accept an instant death penalty than to do time again."

Busy Signal started and ended his set on an all time high, he lead the entire venue into church after inviting his choir on stage and took them through his plethora of gospel songs.  After a year's load of demonic 'reign' by Dancehall's Tommy Lee,  Busy appropriately ended his set and subsequently the year, layered with showers of blessings in a fantastic performance, for all Reggae/Dancehall fans in attendance at STING 2013.

Written by: Sophia McKay
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