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Bramma's Gyal Hold Yuh Man New Track Released: Invites Fans to be Interactive on Website

As his street creds swells, the Mi Nuh Trus People Dancehall Gorilla Bramma, pile up some new videos to further intrigue his fans with his artistry.  As reported on Bramma's new website Bramma Music Dot Com the 24 year old Jamaican Dancehall artiste, wasted no time shooting videos for his Gorilla Dread Locks Rasta track on Big Ship Label which is expected to be released in unison with the video and another entitled, Only One But You.  But NIPnews is reliably informed that the entertainer will be shooting two more videos in the coming week for even newest tracks, 'Love Off Mi' and #newsh**t, 'Gal Hold Yuh Man' produced by Charlie Pro.  

Onset: Bramma sits on Motor bike with female pillion as Dir. Simeon  Edges shoots the scene
Other exciting projects the Gorilla will be dropping momentarily is a street mix that will be like none other plus a string of tracks already recorded but awaiting release dates by producer Steven 'Di Genius' Mcgregor who promised the releases will be out sooner than later. 

Interestingly, Bramma is creating an 'interactive space' for fans on his website by inviting them to send in personalized 'Bramma Art' for posting on website's 'Fan Wall' and even taking it further, one lucky female fan could win a date with the entertainer if her Bramma paraphernalia gets the 'it shat!' ratings.  For more and all things 'Bramma Da Gorilla' be sure to visit Bramma Music Dot Com  or follow the trending Dancehall entertainer on Twitter @bramma1.

By: Sophia McKay