Saturday, December 22, 2012

Waspp n The Way Things Are

With a new video out that has been in steady rotation on local radio and main stream cable channels in earnest, Dancehall artiste Waspp is satisfied with how things are at this time in his career.  Note changes in the spelling of his name WASP, to WASPP to create a distinction between his and major rock group W.A.S.P. whose internet presence far outweighs his and creates a problem for persons wanting find the Jamaican Dancehall brand online.

Since the release of hits Unfair Officer and Cry Fi Dem tracks which basically gave prominence to him in the local Dancehall, Waspp experienced several uphill challenges which took time to settle or was simply tossed aside.  The artiste is now more confident about who he is and what he wants and has been expressing this to the Dancehall fans with the release of a number of tracks recorded in different flows and style.  Once such, is  a hip-hop fused track done in collaboration with Wayne Marshall called, 'Man Kind.' This track generated some good reviews as both artistes are known to be dedicated to ensuring quality music and displayed such attribute, stylishly on the track. 

Earlier this year, Waspp became the face of Awahsuh brand, endorsing designer Cecilia Devana Bucknor who is 2012 Saints International Avante-Garde Designer.  Waspp is also described on Reggae Matters website as the, 'baddest freestyler in Dancehall' demonstrating that this artiste has come a far way. 

Moving closer to the end of this year 2012, Waspp celebrated his 30th birthday with community members on Saturday, December 15 in a home style Dancehall party.  He was careful not invite his artistes colleagues as a precautionary measure due to a recent upsurge of crime in the community which resulted in his own life being threatened (  At the end of it all however, Waspp said things went smoothly, close friends and artistes Fantan Mojah, Geovanny and Ninja Ford were in the house along with the local music industry representative Desi Roots, who also celebrated his birthday on that same day.

Songs by Waspp now in rotation includes Hot Like Fiya, Tek A Ride and Touch Off A Me on the Pstreet Label.  A CD mix has also been released in the street titled, 'Above Average' hosted by DJ dot com. Waspp and Prince Gibbons of Pstreet Label, a company base in London has been working together and he expects, that 'this will be for a long time' he said.  Their first project is the Street Check riddim which features tracks by Pstreet's upcoming recording artiste, 'Tishawn' as well as Blak Ryno with other artistes expected to record.  Both Waspp (Touch Off A Mi) and Tishawn's (Spot Check) tracks are out unofficially but already, the feedback sounds a positive alarm for the entire project.

For Waspp this time at Christmas 2012, it's all about promoting and recording in preparation for a major 'Waspp #Attack' 2013.  

by: Sophia McKay

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Kashu 'Nuh Want Buss Again" Why?

A highly motivated Kashu, Reggae recording artiste, has come out forcibly on a new Mobys produced single entitled Higher Levels on the Going Hard rhythm.  We need not say much about this track as the song and video says it all but since working with Manager Ryan Singh,  one get the impression that Kashu is more relaxed and comfortable recording his music these days. Watch video 

He recently released a Dancehall track on a remix of Korean overnight Star Psy's, Gangnam Style rhythm called 'Size Nuh Matter' then quickly following up he released another called 'Higher Levels' on a hip-hop fused type of rhythm.  Kashu singing from his heart declared that his focus now is not about getting a big break any more, "me nuh waan buss again" instead he has set his sight on travelling to the United States, Europe and the rest of the world to show off his craft, "the whole world a go see" he sang.  

Kashu is definitely feeling the love from the fans and made it known when he sings, "still a find a place ina de people dem heart" and with out stretched arms in the pouring rain thankfully state, "blessings a fall like rain me sey."  Looking forward to a promising 2013, the fashionable rastafarian, Reggae artiste is humbled by what is to come, while a cautious Manager Ryan Singh disclosed, "we are not ready to go public with what we know about 2013 travelling plans for Kashu but what we are prepared to say is that next year looks good for him"

In the mean time Kashu bounces on the 'Go Hard' rhythm like a happy boy who has received a well deserved prize and he rocks it well, what do you think?

By:  Sophia McKay

Tis' the Season to Say "Thank You!"

Dear Reader,

I wanted so badly my own space to be heard that when I discovered I could create a blog, I thought it was the 'best thing since slice bread.'  Yeah man, that's a Jamaican proverb right there, something we say, 'ole people use to sey.'  Anyway, I started out just wanting to share my own views on just about anything music related and specifically Jamaican music.  I never thought about who would read my stories or if anyone cared but I became aware of my 'stats' growing and realized you were reading, oh how I thank you so much!

That realization lead me to accept that I had to be responsible with information I shared so I started taking notice of what you read most.  To date, one of the most loved blogs here is surprisingly.  Among the blogs you read most, artistes Kashu and Macka Diamond stories have been among the 'Popular Posts' for weeks.  Although we have not had much of these, the 'Popular Post' is a piece contributed by Ms. Paulet Biedermann titled, 'Reggae's Terminal Illness,'  Ms. Biedermann sent us an email asking us to share her views which you obviously enjoy reading.  I thank Paulet Biedermann so much for her contribution.  I also recognize that you love reading our drop down messages in left column of the screen and can assure you we enjoyed sharing those.

The good thing about this space is that I get to share what I think is significant and/or important as well as highlight talented artistes I believe in.  Overall, nothing feels better than watching my 'stats' grow which has now swept pass 40,000 page views, wow! For this I am so grateful and thankful to all readers across the United States of America where I receive most views, my island home Jamaica coming in second, the United Kingdom, China, Ukraine, Germany, Poland, Canada, Sweden, France, Netherlands, Israel, Dubai, Russia, Australia, Costa Rica, Kenya, Zimbabwe and Italy just to name a few, thank you all.

To all the artistes featured here, my hope is that 2013 will be your best year.  As we continue to generate interest with our stories, in this space, I hope you impact positively, the lives of the many persons who take time to read about you.  I want to give the readers a reason to return, a story that motivates, encourages or simply put a smile on their faces.  I want to teach, to inspire someone or anyone who visits this space, and so you should too, but most of all I want to say and on your behalf THANK YOU to all visitors to my web magazine.

"Merry Christmas Peace, Love n Harmony
And a prosperous 
New Year"

Fr: Sophia McKay

Monday, December 17, 2012

Vintage Artistes/Music Continues to Dominate Jamaica's Most Popular Music Ratings

Bob Marley
According to a Jamaica Observer report 'vintage' Jamaican Reggae artistes "did comparatively better throughout 2012 mainly through the reissue market" than current popular/international local Reggae and Dancehall artistes.  The report stated that the legendary Bob Marley, King of Jamaican music led the 'vintage field' with Legend, the 1984 compilation of 13 most popular Marley songs, which soared past 25 million copies sold and recognized as one of the biggest selling 'greatest hits' collections in music history.  Legend has been a fixture on Billboard magazine's catalogue for over 20 years. The Marley documentary produced by British Director Kevin McDonald which premier in Kingston earlier this year and drew a massive crowd at the Emancipation Park venue, sold 31,656 copies of the official soundtrack and had been nominated for a NAACP Image Award.  Jimmy Cliff's Grammy nominated album sold, 33, 843 copies.

In another report, Jamaica Observer's Howard Campbell  analysed that, "2012 is a year players in dancehall/reggae will want to forget in a hurry."  Presenting statistics from the most recent Soundscan report he said "figures show dismal returns from some of the big names in Jamaican music."   As of December 9, Sean Paul's 
Sean Paul
'Tomahawk Technique' album sold 3,797 copies, Busy Signal's 'Reggae Music Again' sold 4,548, Konshens 'Mental Maintenance' sold, 1,263, Romain Virgo; young talented and much touted, his album 'The System' sold 1490, Mr. Vegas 'Sweet Jamaica' sold 1,963, while 'One Love, One Life' by Beres Hammond only sold, 2,198 copies.

by: Sophia Mckay
Jamaican Music Sale Plummet
Vintage Year for Veterans