Friday, December 14, 2012

David Rodigan's Exclusive Interview on Why he Resigned from KISS FM

New York, New York December 2012  - Fames British selector and prominent radio DJ David Rodigan, who is the reigning winner of Irish and Chin's World Clash R.E.S.E.T., gave his very first interview since resigning from U.K.'s KISS FM, to Sound Chat Radio. 

In what is undoubtedly one of Sound Chat Radio's best interviews since its debut, David Rodigan offered show host Garfield 'Chin' Bourne and listeners a very heartfelt breakdown of the reason behind his controversial decision to resign from KISS FM radio station, after a 22 year properous relationship.  Untimately, David Rodigan elaborated on his 'bold stand' for Reggae music and shed light on what's happening to the 'specialist' genre of Reggae music globally.

Rodigan, recognized through out the world for his dynamic role in purveying Jamaican music and culture, decries the continued 'marginalization' of Reggae music.  After more than two decades of delighting listeners with the best in Reggae music during a respectable time slot, Rodigan's resignation was prompted after being moved to a midnight slot, one where he would reach far less listeners than before.  While the legendary personality says he doesn't have 'bad blood' with KISS FM, he expressed that he is saddened by the presumption that Reggae music has limited relevance and value, a disheartening mindset that is impacting Reggae music globally.

The legendary selector also further examined the impact of pirate radio stations on Reggae music, Jamaica music's rich history/culture and resilience and the future/next life of the 'specialist' Reggae music genre.


Source: Irish & Chin Sound Chat Radio 

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cat Fight

As the #catfight continues among Dancehall divas, budding Dancehall artiste Tifa took to twitter to respond to comments made by Lady Saw in a recent interview on local Hitz 92FM radio. Among some personal jabs Tifa, whom Lady Saw suggested is an, "uptown chihuahua" sought to remind the Queen of Dancehall that, "As Queen, you should be sitting on your thrown comfortably" then asked, "what example are you setting for those present and all other upcoming artistes, especially females Lady Saw, by degrading us?  

Tifa who rose to prominence in the Dancehall after dropping a track called, "Crawny Gal" produced by Ward 21 then swept the Dancehall circuits with hits including, 'Bottom of the Barrel' and another Ward 21 bomb called, 'Spell it Out,' brought home four individual and shared two Youth View Awards (YVA's) to a total of six awards this year alone. Tifa rubbished rumours about her and which involved Lady Saw personally and aimed for the jugular posting on twitter, "Lady Saw you are the queen of dancehall and icon and no one can take that away from you. For that I respect you, but today was shameful."

With mounting disrespects, the #catfight continues with Lady Saw reportedly getting emotional in one interview, Spice hitting out at Macka Diamond and Macka Diamond recently dropping a track that critics say, "has hit Spice hardest."  Well as they say, "it's a Dancehall thing" deal with it or run away from it the props go to the one left standing.

by Sophia McKay