Saturday, December 8, 2012

Shine Bright Macka Diamond

Charmaine Munroe aka Macka Diamond, Dancehall/Reggae recording artiste of Jamaica, continues to strive above and beyond limits other Jamaican female Dancehall are yet to surpass.  A trend that could be the foundation from which female artistes in Dancehall can draw inspiration.  Ms. Money Oooo, Mackadocious has not only appeared in a movie but landed a lead role.  Not only has she published the first Dancehall novel 'Bun Him' but will be launching a second, 'Naughty and Nice' another first among her peers both male and female in Dancehall.

The '40 n Fabulous' Diva and Dancehall veteran has become one to admire.  Her work ethics, persistence and determination places her, among few Dancehall artistes to have gone beyond just music recording and stage performances in Jamaica. Another such is the controversial Dancehall 'Teacha' Vybz Kartel, whose reality television series, the first of its kind on Jamaican television, spiralled after his unfortunate arrest and subsequent murder charges.  Dr. Garth 'Shaka Pow' McDonald, Obstetrician/Gynaecologist and fellow Dancehall artiste said, "Macka Diamond has created a foundation from which other female Dancehall artistes can build a more sustainable and thriving business."

Known as Lady Mackerel throughout the 90s era, Macka Diamond held her own in a male dominated industry releasing several tracks that were popular among Dancehall fans making her an household name.  Around 2003, she reinvented herself and re-emerged as Macka Diamond the 'Money Ooo' diva scoring hits including her first, 'Tek Con' a protest track to Vybz Kartel's chauvinistic, 'Tek Buddy' track then thereafter, Steam Fish, Bun Him ft. Blacker, Cow Foot, 40 n Fabulous and a catalogue of popular Dancehall tracks fans can indentify her with.  

Summer 2009, Macka Diamond landed a lead role in the Caribbean inspired movie, Redemption of Paradise filmed in Antigua by Director Noel 'doc' Howell.  Macka played 'Millie' a citizen of Paradise who took the decision to form a community watch group which, among other things, encourages local businessmen to stop paying money for protection and deter the corrupt efforts of Paradise's drug kingpin.  She did well and trotted across the Caribbean with the cast to promote the movie; a stint that would later boost her music career significantly.  In 2011, Macka Diamond emerged winner of the International Reggae and World Music Award (IRAWMA) Female DJ/Rapper of the year in Trinidad.  Another bright moment for this persistent individual.

After writing Dancehall's first official novel entitled 'BUN HIM' in 2007, Macka Diamond has back with the long awaited follow-up of what may very well be the most anticipated novel to date (in Jamaica's literary history) - NAUGHTY or NICE aka BUN HIM pt. 2 A book launch will be held in Kingston, at Sangster's Books Store, December 12, 2012 between the hours of 7 - 10pm and mark, yet another milestone for the Dancehall veteran.  As Macka Diamond continues to spread her wings and create opportunities for herself, we recognize her as a role model and another Jamaican who aspire to rise above what is normal.  Shine bright Macka Diamond.

by: Sophia McKay
Excerpts: Page Turner Publishing House

Trendy Jamaican Artiste for 2013

Since its release, singer/songwriter David M's remixed collaboration titled Here Comes Your Life featuring ace Dancehall artiste Beenie Manhas garnered much media attention internationally.  The video for the track is currently in rotation on VH1 Soul while the single enjoys US media base Rhythmic Chart ratings sitting at no. 67.  Among the ground breaking successes, Here Comes Your Life remix has also been added to the playlists of US radio stations, 99 Jamz, Y100 and Power 105FM.  On the night-life scenes the single has been in constant rotation at popular US clubs such as Cielo, Mansion, Bamboo, Liv New Jersey and Makai in Miami, Florida.

Dancehall/hip-hop group BlackOutCrew out of the Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos, has added their voice to the RnB version of the track titled, I Use to Tell Her.  Originally, David M’s ‘Here Comes Your Life’ single was mastered in three genres namely Dancehall/Reggae, RnB and Dance Mix. Thus far all three have significantly impacted the specific regions as were intended, making the project already a success for David's BGM Recording company.

Described as a prolific singer/songwriter that could possibly “define this generation” David M’s music is yet to be discovered globally.  However its significant impact on those who have heard and come to love this artiste is a testament that only time will tell.  With all three versions of 'Here Comes Life' banging across intended airwaves in Jamaica, the United States of America, UK, Germany and the Caribbean,  David M will be one of few trendy Jamaican artiste to watch in 2013. 

by Sophia McKay