Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mali Music Outlawed?

The eyes of the world have been on Mali ever since the government overthrow in early 2012.  The world music community in particular has been watching closely, as Mali has grown to become one of Africa's greatest exporters of wonderful music; artists like Toumani Diabate, Salif Keita and Oumou Sangare all call the landlocked region their home.  Thus, the news that's now coming out Mali is rather upsetting: according to multiple reports, the radical Islamic groups that have overthrown the North part of the country have now outlawed any and all music, other than the changing of verses from the Koran, under Sharia law.

Some artists from the North are laying low, some are in exile.  Rose Skelton's insightful article in The Independent includes an interview with Khaira Arby, who is living out of suitcases in Bamako, unable to return to her home in Timbuktu since she left for a U.S. tour in April.  PRI's Marco Werman discusses the situation with Skelton at further length in a radio piece, which is very much worth a listen click to listen

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

An Official Introduction...

Meet Andrew Cardoza a.k.a Doza Medicine....  He was born 13th January 1979 at the University of the West Indies Hospital, St. Andrew, Jamaica. Andrew and family lived at a place known as Almond town. 

By the age of seven (7) years old, Andrew’s musical interests were recognized by his mother (Loreen Grant) and father (David Cardoza) at his first actual performance at a concert in Almond Town. During his early development, childhood to adolescent years, his music interest fluctuated with the other things that child at that age would normally do. During his time in Almond town, his talent was portrayed the established after relocating to Portmore at age twelve (12).

Andrew attended the Clan Carty Primary, Clan Carty High and Maths Unlimited, where he was successful in his academics. He was first taken to the studios by a friend ‘Bascom X’ where he started doing his music professionally at age eighteen (18). After gaining experience, he recorded his first song with the group called ‘Islanders’, of which he was a member. This song titled ‘War Nuh Commerical’ was done for his motivator and musical mentor, Vybz Katrel on Adijaheim Label.

Doza Medicine’s latest recordings include ‘Pretty lil thing’ on Flex Rich Records and ‘Wine for Me’ on the Cash bag Records, along with a collaboration with a female artist in the song “Make me so Happy”  

His live performances were at Follow the Arrow, Full Black, The Asylum Nightclub, Cactus, Westchester Festival, Portmore Awards, Vybz party and Stone Love Anniversary, Montegobay with the Portmore Empire, the Building Nightclub, at Westmoreland Kit fess, with Popcaan and Tommy Lee  and overseas including the Caribbean island, Europe and he’s looking toward more places.

Doza medicine is now working effortlessly to gain recognition and perminence in the Dancehall Reggae Music area.