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Shabba Ranks/Cherine Anderson Sumfest Performance a Reintroduction of Sexy in Dancehall

Like a breath of fresh air, Shabba Ranks , the Dancehall Emperor , and Cherine Anderson's steamy Reggae Sumfest 2012 performance brought back memories of how 'sexy' Dancehall was in the 90s.  Unacceptable then, one major issue was the inappropriateness of the ' rub-a-dub dance '. Some felt it (rub-a-dub) was "too vulgar" and "slack" yet Soca and all its gyrating became ' the thing ' while 'rub-a-dub' the sexy art form, patrons in a dance hall do to selections like Shabba Ranks', "It can't Dun," or "Wicked Ina Bed went into extinction.  Lady Saw now the crowned Queen of Dancehall was chastised for her raunchy music (often sexy but explicit) was banned from performing on Reggae Sumfest (a point she made upon receiving her crown) some years ago.  Having said that however, it is more than appropriate to say at this point, "congratulations Lady Saw, crowned Queen of Dancehall ." The much talked abo