Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Conscious and Positive

Iprosperous touched socially conscious issues on his 'Feeling Good In a Me Self' track and has managed to present his thoughts unlike popular formats............

I'm feeling good in a me self
Like I should in a me self
Wonderful feeling so over-whelming                        
I've got to share it with someone else             
That's nice de youths dem pree what's right
Compromise & the feedback right
Fi real that's nice
Glad sey dem reach that heights
Every corner, every street lock tight
Fi me that's nice
Youths dem agree stop fight
Can't bother wid d ediot life
Fi real dats nice
Irie fi me not hype
Comfortable sleep at nights.....

These are some of the lyrics rasta reggae artist Iprosperous spits on his 'Feeling Good In a Me Self' track. Several Jamaican radio disc jockey have recently been heard playing  'I Feel Like Dancing' and 'Feeling Good In a Me Self' both produced on the Millionz International Record Label the company which manages the artist. Known to many as Raymond Thomas in the Parish of Manchester, Jamaica where he was born, Iprosperous is no new comer to the Reggae music industry. In fact, he has been around for quite sometime but went by the name Natural I.  

Failure to Take Off
Though it had nothing to do with his decision to change, the name Natural I failed taking off so upon meeting his present manager Andrew Duggan, both took the decision to re-brand his image and, "so far me see it a work much better" said Iprosperous.  

What is Iprosperous Niche
Iprosperous music replicates his life.  He face challenges like any regular person but has devised a way to deal with them.  Music is embraced by the masses for many reasons and his, he expects will become a source of relief for demotivated persons.  "The truth is, my music is therapeutic, it is meant to provide a relief for frustration and challenges. I first tested it on me before sharing it with others so I know"  said Iprosperous then continued,  "One can not take too seriously life and the challenges that comes with it.  Best practices are to relax and free up and when I say free up I don't mean substance abuse it's all about relieving the mind of stress with happy thoughts ok."   Well that is his own niche, creating 'happy' and 'feel good' music, "me dance, sing or laugh off most things enuh, cause me refuse to accept that the challenges me face cannot be resolved"  he said when asked if he actually gets relief from just listening happy and feel good songs. 

As both Feeling Good In a Me Self and I Feel Like Dancing enjoys airtime on local main stream radio, the djs spinning the music also seems to have a sense of relief playing the tracks as both are awarded most of the time with multiple spins, mention and big up by them.  

Socially Conscious
Iprosperous touched socially conscious issues on his 'Feeling Good In a Me Self' track and has managed to present his thoughts unlike popular formats, more subtle and friendly. His analytic outlook of the youth is applauding. Complements such as "that's nice, de youths dem a pree what's right, compromise & the feedback right, fi real that's nice glad sey dem reach that heights, youths dem agree stop fight, can't bother wid di ediot life, fi real dats nice" is a clear admission that this artiste not only understand the issues of society but choose to spread through his music a more a positive outlook.  

As the music seep through the loop hole one can only expect great things for this Entertainer.  Iprosperous is another Jamaican artiste who seek international recognition.  To listen 'Feeling Good In a Me Self', please click the following link  http://soundcloud.com/newimage-music/feeling-good-inna-mi-self

Iprosperous music is available for download on iTunes, Amazon Mp3, Spotify, Rhapsody, eMusic and other digital download outlets worldwide.

By: Sophia McKay

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sizzla Kolanji Response to Gay Activists Successful Cancellation of His Performance in Sweden

"We work closely with many of the artists in the reggae scene and feel that your constant attack against the artists and the musical genre is unfair and one sided."....."Sizzla and all human beings are entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and artistic freedom as afforded to him by the United Nations Human Rights Council"......

Last week, promoters in Sweden cancelled a stage show that prominent Jamaican artiste, Sizzla Kolanji was booked to appear Wednesday March 28, 2012 at Hornstull Strand in Stockholm.  The show was axed after several gay, lesbian, bisexual and transsexual activists protested against Sizzla's appearance on the bill; condemning his lyrical damnation of homosexuality.  In a release, Sizzla through his management team at Kalonji Musik and Pride Music, issued a statement to clarify his position as it relates to the matter.  The statement in part read as follows:-

"We work closely with many of the artists in the reggae scene and feel that your constant attack against the artists and the musical genre is unfair and one sided.  Sizzla has not even begun to tour, yet press releases have been sent giving misinformation to the public about him performing homophobic lyrics at 18 other shows recently.  The tour has not even started and Sizzla was not booked to perform in neither Canada nor England.  False information is being written to malice and defame his character.  It is good to remember that Sizzla has not been arrested, convicted or charged with any crime and does not have a criminal record what so ever.  He abides and will continue to abide by the laws of any State in the World that he chooses to visit or is invited to visit.  It is his nature and his character to respect all."

Freedom of Speech
"Sizzla and all human beings are entitled to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and artistic freedom as afforded to him by the United Nations Human Rights Council.  With these rights he does not seek to incite violence against anyone but will continue to speak out against injustices where he sees it.  Sizzla and other Jamaicans will continue to support the laws of their country and are free to discuss these issues in a legal framework as a citizen of that country.  If anyone has an issue with that, take it up with the respective Government and which ever laws they make, even if he doesn't agree, he will abide by.  In the mean time, every attempt to sabotage or cancel a Sizzla show is a form of censorship against him and the musical genre."

"Why is it after months of promotions and advertisement, some wait till a few days before a show to try to cancel the performance?  This is a form of censorship and is designed to create maximum economic damage to the promoters, the artist, the staff, everyone involved in the construction of the tour, and the reggae industry at large.  We don't see you attack Eminem or other musicians who make clear stances against these same issues in the hip-hop, rock and pop industry.  It makes us wonder if there is a bigger picture being painted here? Or is it the fact that they just have better lawyers and bigger companies making money from them?"

Misconstrued and Mistranslated Interpretation of the Patois Language
"Patois the language that Sizzla uses to express his music are forms of metaphoric and allegoric expression.  The messages in the songs are based on words that have been misconstrued and mistranslated.  When he or any artists say burn, fire or kill, they are not literal terms.  In fact the words translate to mean several things depending on the context of its use.  So when a DJ in the dancehall takes the mic and says kill Sound boy, it doesn't mean take a gun and shoot the Sound boy.  It means that the DJ is going to win the competition.  So interpret at your own risk but understand that in different languages, different words mean different things and Patois is a language very different from English.  Historically it was used during slavery to prevent the slave masters from understanding the enslaved Africans as they organized for freedom.  Obviously it still is misunderstood and confusing many.

Origin of so called "Offensive' Terms and Gay Prostitution in Jamaica
"It is very important for you to understand something.  The term batty boy was derived from the rise of pedophiles and rape of young boys in Jamaica.  That is why the term batty boy is used, so those that embrace this term, therefore embrace the raping and pedophile of young boys.  This is one of the main reasons why there is such an outcry against homosexuality because in many cases in Jamaica it has been done where young boys were raped or coerced by tourist into the lifestyle seeking to gain visa or better opportunities.  This has also contributed to a rise in gay male prostitution in Jamaica and is prevalent amongst teenagers and youth of Jamaica."

"Sizzla just recovered from a horrific accident where he almost lost his life.  Whilst some groups wish he had died, millions of fans around the world sent messages of support, good wishes and prayers for him to make a speedy recovery.  This tour partly represent a thanks for their prayers and love that gave him the motivation to get well.  Let us be clear, Sizzla has a catalogue of over 67 albums and well over 90% of his music is uplifting, positive, speaks of family, empowerment, love, spirituality and unity.  At the same time he is a Rastafarian musician who embraces his faith and plays a pivotal part in the betterment of his society.  What would Bob Marley be today if groups protested against him, keeping him in a box and preventing him from sharing his music?  There are two sides to the story, and yes everyone should be entitled to live and express themselves, but we must be  respectful of ALL people's value and principles."