Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's About Says Recording Artiste Latoya Chambers

Guerilla Music Production recording artiste Latoya Chambers, recently performed at the University of the West Indies, Taylor Hall on Saturday February 25, 2012 to an audience that was very appreciative of the performance she gave. Latoya received several encores during her short stint but for the most part got the audience attention with her delivery of  songs, fresh out of the Guerilla Music  Label studios.   

Latoya graced the stage with the introduction of current single, It's About Time to a rousing applause. She paused for a few seconds to interact with her audience and took the opportunity to plug the video for the song (click to watch ) that has been in rotation on local cable and television channels before she reeled off a second song titled, Caan Hurry Love.  For this, she received another big applause then exited the stage feeling accomplished. 

Latoya Chambers has been making the rounds promoting her It's About Time single over the past few weeks.  She was invited to HYPE TV Cable channel in Kingston for an interview on the popular Up and Live show recently and again got encouraging feedback from her audience.  As this young artiste seek local and international recognition for her work, the Guerilla Music Label family explores different avenues to attract the masses and create these breakthrough opportunities for it's first female artistes. 

by Sophia McKay 

Friday, March 9, 2012

New Baby New Song same Woman..Sophia Squire One of Jamaica's Most Promising Female Lovers Rock Artiste

She took a break from what had promised to be a busy year in her career 2011, to give birth to her second child a bouncing baby boy.  But music, only gave her that much time and no more because already, one of Jamaica's most promising female Lovers Rock artiste, Sophia Squire has hit the ground running with the release of another lovers rock master piece she is known to deliver, she has also been nominated in the category of International Female Artiste for the British Reggae Award.  We caught up with her and wanted to know how she has been balancing motherhood at this time with a music career that is peaked and about to explode and this is what she told us plus more...

N.I.P. How has motherhood been with your newborn?
SQ: "It has been greater than great, though tired at times, I'm enjoying every sleepless night and having to rush to and fro..."

N.I.P.: What is your baby's name?
SQ: "His name is Jazz, the name came to me while I was pregnant"

N.I.P.: Awwh, that's a nice name for a music mom to give her son, have you written a song about Jazz as yet?
SQ: "No not yet, but you can bet I will write many"

N.I.P.: How has he impacted your life at this time?
SQ: "Challenging, but his dad has been a major help, so his kind words are soothing even when I'm tired."

N.I.P.: How does your daughter feel about being a big sister?
SQ: "She has been what I expected and more, she actually knows how to sooth him and don't mind changing the poopy diapers."

N.I.P.: You have been nominated for a British Reggae Award, How do you feel about that?
SQ: "I am humbled and grateful for the recognition..fingers crossed."

N.I.P.: What new songs have you release since giving birth to your son?
SQ: "Rock and Come Een, (click to listen ) it was recorded when I'm about ready to give birth to ma boy"

N.I.P.: What song(s) do you now have in rotation and what are people saying about them?
SQ: Naw Fight Ova No Man' ladies anthem, Nature's Calling' every lovers favorite, 'Love' a conscious vibe with a message, 'Next To me' one of my favourite  just to name a few.

N.I.P.: There is a contrasting difference between Jamaican music now and 20 years ago, how do you analyse this difference and do you believe it has negatively affected the Jamaican Reggae product?
SQ: "Yes there has been a difference, people change with time so one can expect good and bad along with it, yes there are many negative effect, especially on the young and vulnerable, it has scared the music scene somewhat, but there are a pack of artist trying to clean up and it has been working tremendously, so I'm not worried."

N.I.P. If you got a chance to change the way Reggae music is marketed at this time what would have been your first task and why?
SQ: "I would first educate the artistes, let the artistes know that it's a business and should be treated with respect.  Knowledge is power so with this tool, education) he/she would know they represent their country and people to the best of their ability.  Reggae music to my knowledge was created by Jamaicans, we should be gaining more from it instead of exploiting, this can and has made it bad for future artistes."

N.I.P. What are you most looking forward to as a Reggae artiste
SQ: "I look forward to spreading my portion of music local and overseas and represent with pride."

N.I.P. I especially like the track, next to me how did that idea came about?
SQ: "When you're in love it shows, so for me, it flows"

N.I.P. What's most important when it comes to spouses and relationship?
SQ: "Communication...we tend to be too busy or don't want to talk about certain topics, what is left unsaid can destroy a speak up speak loud."

N.I.P. Thanks Sophie
SQ: "Thank you too.."

by Sophia McKay

Royalty Relaxed 'Prince Harry Jamaica Visit'

Prince Harry seems to have had a 'Wale' of a time on his visit to Jamaica, watch the Prince cheat World's Fastest Man, Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt out of another gold medal, celebrating long before he got to the finished line uuhmm!!! Prince Harry also danced with the locals and as seen in the photo, shared a piece of sugar cane with a vendor in a backdrop of his father Prince Charles tasting a piece of sugar from the same vendor in 2008 when he visited.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Look Alike Maybe..But Different Artistes Iprosperous and Junior Kelly

Junior Kelly
Reggae artiste Iprosperous is said to have a striking resemblance of fellow Jamaican Reggae crooner Junior Kelly whose career accelerated after the release of hit song, If Love So Nice. But though they might look alike, the only thing both have in common are their crown of 'dread locks' and Jamaican nationality.   Iprosperous who once went by the name 'Natural I' changed that name in 2011 after signing with Millionz International Records and totally revamped his career.  The label released two singles  entitle, "I Feel Like Dancing" and "Feeling Good Ina Mi-self" both currently receiving continuous spins on local radio.  The focus now, is making Iprosperous its first internationally recognized artiste within the Reggae music industry. 

Artiste Manager and C.E.O. of Millionz International Records Andrew Duggan, brought Iprosperous on board because he loves his music and believes in the artiste, "his (Iprosperous) music is like a breath of fresh air" he said. "It's (lyrics) simple and puts a smile on your face when you think of, i feel like dancing and feeling good ina me self it takes you to the child in you and this makes the music complete." It sure does...these are the kind of songs Iprosperous sings, what he brings to the industry is 'harmony' contentment and happiness.  "It don't mean dat me walk around wid me head in the no dats not wat me saying..what me want people who listen to my music to the will to move on...despite whatever challenge dem face" said Iprosperous.

Junior Kelly is re-known while Iprosperous is yet to make his name and is hopeful that his time will come sooner than later.   'I Feel Like Dancing' is now available for download on Itunes, AmazonMP3, eMusic, Rhapsody, Spotify and other digital download retail online stores worldwide.  Listen Iprosperous music on Sound Cloud and become his fan on Facebook.