Friday, January 27, 2012

How Much Patois (Pat-wah) Do You Know?

(Kingston, Jamaica) Jamaican Patois or creole as some linguists call it, is used for everyday informal situation.  It is the 'home language' and most familiar, it is the language Jamaicans home and abroad can be identified with.  Not standardized, most writing in Jamaica is done in Standard English.  Written patois mostly appears in folkloristic dialect poems, humorous newspaper columns and internet chat sites.  The language is fun, interesting and easy to learn so come, see how much Patois you know, let's chat in 'pat-wa.'

Whey yuh name?  What is your name
Wish path yuh live?  Where do you live
Whey yuh like bout Jamaica?  What do you like about Jamaica.

'Mi haffi go tek een Celine Dion a Jazz and Blues ina Mobay.  Da show deh shat, de performance dem ago bad.  Celine Dion ting tun up loud loud" :)

" I have to see Celine Dion perform at Jazz and Blues in Montego Bay.  The show is going to be hot and the performances great.  Celine Dion is huge she is hot."   

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bramma Throws First Time 'Gorilla Bash' Event in his Duhaney Park Hometown

Duhaney Park in Kingston 'tun up!' when resident artiste Bramma throws his first concert/stage show dubbed, Bramma's Gorilla Bash. The show will be held on Saturday March 24, 2012 at the Duhaney Park Community Centre.  Fully supported by his Big Ship family Freddie McGregor, Di Genius, Chino and Laden and good friend and music partner Canadian Rapper Spoox, 'Bramma's Gorilla Bash' will feature some of Dancehall and Reggaes' most potent, fresh and highly popular artistes such as  I-Octane, Elephant Man, Kiprich, Aidonia, Konshens, Riverton City star boys LanMine and Jermaine Michael, Singing Sweet, Frisco Kid, Captain Barkey and Wickerman, Versatile, Monster Twinz and some young potentials including Duhaney Parks' own Spoogy Benz, Crucial, Xfile and Size 10.

Spanish Town Hi-Tension will provide sound while very special guest Selectors, DJ Smurf, Richie Feelings, Nico Supreme, Bom Bom and Harry Hype, DJ Currency, Supa Hype, Gary Chucks, Chub Rock and Sniper will be at the controls to unleash a high energy juggling never before experience in Duhaney Park.  This event, "a go louddd!!!" the line up is impressive and the community is known to be highly supportive of hardcore Dancehall and Reggae artistes.

Bramma is on the grind, his music now in the streets are in consistent rotation. Though loyal to Stephen 'D Genius' McGregor as both have matured in this industry together entering the game as teenagers; Bramma has been working with other producers such as 12 to 12, Ward 21, long time friends Chimney Records, Supa Hype and Boardhouse Label.  The radio airwaves and Reggae/Dancehall night life party scenes are blazing with tracks like Never Worry, Pressure Dem and the super collaboration called Haters Warning which features Esco, Chino, Chan Dizzle, Ward 21, Rolling X and Bounty Killer and produced Esco.

'Bramma's Gorilla Bash' is designed for sheer entertainment in the community.  'Duhaney Park people love Bramma so me waan share wid dem enuh, an me glad dat me friends dem decide fi support me so the show ago shat" said Bramma.  The artiste plans to keep the entry fee at a low low cost of $500 and have already received all written and signed documents from the relevant authorities in keeping with the law.  Bramma will also be working along with Duhaney Park Community Centre Committee in providing food, refreshment and educational items of donation to kids in the community.  These will be presented at a Treat which will be held throughout the day of March 24, 2012 from 10am-6pm.  Promotion starts now so persons can keep monitoring the press for details or log on to websites or

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My First Marley Experience - Up Close and Personal

Eljai (r), Steven Marley (l)

'My visit to Bob Marley's 56 Old Hope Road home/museum was an experience that I will never forget" said California base, Belizean Reggae artiste Eljai.  "It was me and producer Mr. Fabian Cooke who is also real good friends of the Marley brothers.  We went to Jamaica to release a single entitle, 'Blessed' but we needed a DJ on it so he took me to Bob Marley's home.  I didn't know why we were going there but we went anyway.  When we got there, there was some security guards at the gate so he had to tell them who he was then they (the security) went and told someone else who gave them the authority to let us in. We went in the yard, parked and some guys came and got us then showed us where to go.  We went inside and to my surprise!!! there was Mr. Steven Marley in the studio.  It was my first time seeing any Marley up close so I was like star struck.  But Steven was kool and so 'down-to-earth' it was like we knew each other a long time, that helped me to stay calm.

My friend Fabian started talking to Steven about my music and what we were in Jamaica for so Steven asked him for a cd which he listened.  After hearing all the tracks, Steven, looked at me and said, "all the songs are real good what are you guys gonna do with them?"  Fabian said he was gonna put them out on his label but we needed a DJ for the song called, 'Blessed.'  Immediately, Steven suggested Capleton is the man for that collab, "he will bring real fyah to it" he said. Steven and I talked thereafter about his dad the great, Bob Marley then he showed us around the studio. We took some pictures and vibe for a few, then Ms. Marcia Griffiths showed up, damn!!  Well she brought 'cane juice' for Steven which he shared with us, he is a real down to earth guy, he even invited us over to listen to their rehearsal for a show they had called, Welcome to Jamrock in Kingston days after.  So I also met Damian Junior Gong Marley another awesome Marley all in one day at 56 Old Hope Road in Kingston.

I could feel the presence of Bob there strong, it was great so we went back daily.  It was my place to be to see the rooms where they slept, the kitchen where they tried to kill the great, Bob Marley.  Just to be in the yard was good enough for me, "what an awesome experience and a great visit!"  

Monday, January 23, 2012

The 'Rich Kid' from Toronto Choose Reggae

Canadian based entertainer Richard William also known as Rich Kid, was born and raised in Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica, he attended the St. Johns Primary and Kingston College respectively.  As a youth, Rich Kid grew up around musicians which attributes to his honing his skills in song and poetry writing.  Though he was young, he would participate in school and Sunday school events/activities exercising his dub poetry and other skills in the arts.  

Rich Kid's personal motto is "Live life to the fullest, love what you do and do what you do best". He is serious about the businesses of Music, Arts, Entertainment, Film, Sports, Children and Philanthropy.
His passion for life is characterized throughout his lyrics and versatile styles of music; both Urban Reggae and Dancehall.

A young multi-talented Rich Kid, engaged in several aspects of the music industry in Jamaica that would have molded him into the entertainer he is today.  He learnt how to 'deejay or freestyle' when from having access to his cousin's sound system and would often sit with the likes of "Lieutenant Stitchie" and "General TK.  He recalled his involvement in shaping their musical careers,  instrumental in creating flows  for written pieces as well as orchestrating the outcome of a performances on a show. Inspired then, by "Lieutenant Stitchie' who later became a successful Gospel artiste, Rich Kid adhered to Stitchie's advise to continue his education, while pursuing a career in the entertainment business.

"Rich Kid" migrated to the United States where he attended school for three years, then later moved to Canada. Remembering the advise given to him by Lieutenant Stitchie while living in Jamaica, he completed his education in Network Administration, Political Science, World History, and Theology.

Focused on fulfilling his dreams, Rich Kid turned his attention to forming an affiliation with "Nite Starr" Sound System, performing at parties, weddings, stage shows and other special events before he took the decision to branch off in 2004 to focus on his own career.  Priviledged to work with major record production company in Jamaica, Anchor Recording Studios, Rich Kid form his own CG Records but continued working with independent labels such as E55 Production Records and Stumpy Production Records in Jamaica as well as  The Lair Recording Studios, Explorer Recording Studios, Slam Productions, Iguana Recordings, Reflex Studio, and Eagle Force Entertainment and Eye One Records in Canada.

Thus far the Canadian Reggae artiste has released two  two singles in 2004, “Freaky Freaky Ting" and "Penny for my Touch" on the C&G Promotion Label.  Later he released a single entitled "In The Mix", which won him the "Toronto International Reggae Music Award" for Best Video and Best New Urban Artist Video.

His career swelled and thereafter, Rich Kid was sharing local and international stage with popular Internationally acclaimed artists such as Buju Banton, Capleton, Beenie Man, T.O.k, Voice Mail, Ding Dong, Admiral Bailey, Singing Melody, Professor Nuts, Wayne Wonder, Fab 5, Lady Saw, Macka Diamond and Cappadanna of the Wu-Tang Clan, just to name a few.

An entertainer who racked up more air miles than many corporate flyers. Performed  in England, Jamaica, U.S.A, Portugal and Canada, Rich Kid is motivated to now release a  debut album that will highlight his journey from the past into the future.

Though he has recorded a number of songs, many of which he believes are potential hits, special attention is paid to songs such as "What must I do," "life’s worth" and " Searching " which features many R&B flavours to be released on "CG Records"/"Eagle Force Entertainment" with the videos in the works.  This is so because Rich Kid became the Executive Producer of many rhythms created and released on the CG Recording Label, including The Mad Kick Rhythm Driven Album that comprised of nineteen tracks of some of the most popular Reggae artistes in the industry.

If you love Urban Reggae music you are guaranteed to adore this artist, as Urban Reggae has been a trend setter for many years. Rich Kid is sure to captivate your hearts and stand out in your minds as he aim to make it big the International Reggae Music Industry.