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Waspp n The Way Things Are

With a new video out that has been in steady rotation on local radio and main stream cable channels in earnest, Dancehall artiste Waspp is satisfied with how things are at this time in his career.  Note changes in the spelling of his name WASP, to WASPP to create a distinction between his and major rock group W.A.S.P. whose internet presence far outweighs his and creates a problem for persons wanting find the Jamaican Dancehall brand online.

Since the release of hits Unfair Officer and Cry Fi Dem tracks which basically gave prominence to him in the local Dancehall, Waspp experienced several uphill challenges which took time to settle or was simply tossed aside.  The artiste is now more confident about who he is and what he wants and has been expressing this to the Dancehall fans with the release of a number of tracks recorded in different flows and style.  Once such, is  a hip-hop fused track done in collaboration with Wayne Marshall called, 'Man Kind.' This track generated some good reviews as both artistes are known to be dedicated to ensuring quality music and displayed such attribute, stylishly on the track. 

Earlier this year, Waspp became the face of Awahsuh brand, endorsing designer Cecilia Devana Bucknor who is 2012 Saints International Avante-Garde Designer.  Waspp is also described on Reggae Matters website as the, 'baddest freestyler in Dancehall' demonstrating that this artiste has come a far way. 

Moving closer to the end of this year 2012, Waspp celebrated his 30th birthday with community members on Saturday, December 15 in a home style Dancehall party.  He was careful not invite his artistes colleagues as a precautionary measure due to a recent upsurge of crime in the community which resulted in his own life being threatened (  At the end of it all however, Waspp said things went smoothly, close friends and artistes Fantan Mojah, Geovanny and Ninja Ford were in the house along with the local music industry representative Desi Roots, who also celebrated his birthday on that same day.

Songs by Waspp now in rotation includes Hot Like Fiya, Tek A Ride and Touch Off A Me on the Pstreet Label.  A CD mix has also been released in the street titled, 'Above Average' hosted by DJ dot com. Waspp and Prince Gibbons of Pstreet Label, a company base in London has been working together and he expects, that 'this will be for a long time' he said.  Their first project is the Street Check riddim which features tracks by Pstreet's upcoming recording artiste, 'Tishawn' as well as Blak Ryno with other artistes expected to record.  Both Waspp (Touch Off A Mi) and Tishawn's (Spot Check) tracks are out unofficially but already, the feedback sounds a positive alarm for the entire project.

For Waspp this time at Christmas 2012, it's all about promoting and recording in preparation for a major 'Waspp #Attack' 2013.  

by: Sophia McKay