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Kashu 'Nuh Want Buss Again" Why?

A highly motivated Kashu, Reggae recording artiste, has come out forcibly on a new Mobys produced single entitled Higher Levels on the Going Hard rhythm.  We need not say much about this track as the song and video says it all but since working with Manager Ryan Singh,  one get the impression that Kashu is more relaxed and comfortable recording his music these days. Watch video 

He recently released a Dancehall track on a remix of Korean overnight Star Psy's, Gangnam Style rhythm called 'Size Nuh Matter' then quickly following up he released another called 'Higher Levels' on a hip-hop fused type of rhythm.  Kashu singing from his heart declared that his focus now is not about getting a big break any more, "me nuh waan buss again" instead he has set his sight on travelling to the United States, Europe and the rest of the world to show off his craft, "the whole world a go see" he sang.  

Kashu is definitely feeling the love from the fans and made it known when he sings, "still a find a place ina de people dem heart" and with out stretched arms in the pouring rain thankfully state, "blessings a fall like rain me sey."  Looking forward to a promising 2013, the fashionable rastafarian, Reggae artiste is humbled by what is to come, while a cautious Manager Ryan Singh disclosed, "we are not ready to go public with what we know about 2013 travelling plans for Kashu but what we are prepared to say is that next year looks good for him"

In the mean time Kashu bounces on the 'Go Hard' rhythm like a happy boy who has received a well deserved prize and he rocks it well, what do you think?

By:  Sophia McKay