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Aidonia Excellent Marketing Prospect for Dancehall in 2013

#NIPnews: If there is an artiste within the Jamaican Dancehall music industry that is fresh and should uphold the face of Dancehall, generate more international public awareness and likeness and/or enhance the genre's seemingly slow pace at growth, that artiste in our view is, Aididi donia 'Aidonia.'  Poised for a major breakthrough, Aidonia's consistency in releasing trendy songs throughout the year, his commanding vocals, strong presence and image, underline his potential of becoming the face of Dancehall in 2013 with the charge to push the Jamaican music brand further across boundaries bridged by Beenie Man, Bounty Killer and Vybz Kartel.

Aidonia (born Sheldon Lawrence), head's the musical partnership of Jag One Production 'J.O.P.' that is similar to Kartel's 'Gaza,' Bounty Killa's, 'Alliance' or Movado's 'Gully.'  Around summer of 2012, Aidonia's JOP brand hit the streets on t's designed by Romeich.  The 'Run Road' line,was named after Aidonia and his protege Deablo's popular 'Run Road' track which according to the deejay was first a marketing strategy to promote the song but after wearing them, fans started asking about outlets from which to purchase.  Wisely, Aidonia partnered with Designer Romeich and the shirts hit the street shortly thereafter.  

Those who followed Aidonia since his entry to the local music industry would have expected great things from him despite various controversies that made the news.  Although he quickly gained status for his lyrical prowess, several obstacles prevented him from becoming Dancehall's most favourite artiste, his greatest? Vybz Kartel.  Another challenge in our view that gravely prevented his dominance was various failed attempts at making himself clearly understood on a track.  However, such no longer exists and a now music hungry Vybz Kartel still imprisoned the title is up for grabs.

We have seen a focused Aidonia releasing hit after hits such as the Dre Day Production's, Tan Tuddy track which held the No.1 spot on the Jamaica Music Countdown Dancehall Singles chart for two weeks (see our chart listing to the left) and has now garnered over one million YouTube views.  Another break out track by Aidonia we believe, is his 'Jook So' track on the Wild Bubble rhythm. January 2012, Aidonia trotted across several countries in Europe on tour.  He visited Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland and Norway responding to a growing demand of fans in these countries.  Though controversial and more leaned toward a 'gangsta' image, Adonia is in our view, the Dancehall genre's best prospect at marketing the music in 2013 #savejamusic.

The time has come for Aidonia's camp to capitalize on the advantages now before them and take a professional approach toward all business transactions, make some sensible decision and spearhead Aidonia's career toward super stardom #savejamusic.

Written by: Sophia McKay
Resource: The Star Jamaica
                  Tan Tuddy Official Video