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The Enclyclopedia of Reggae - The Golden Age of Roots Reggae

"[This is] the ideal history book for roots reggae fans: a true classic that evry reggae fan should own." - Sly Dunbar

The Encyclopedia of Reggae:  The Golden Age of Roots Reggae has just been published by Sterling Publishing (  Produced by Slideshow Media (, The Encyclopedia of Reggae is a highly browsable, authoritative resource on the music's golden age, from the late 1960s up to the mid-1980s heyday of dancehall.  Packed with more than 500 images, including rare album art and ephemera, this comprehensive guide profiles more than 200 key performers, record labels, and producers from reggae's history, and offers sidebars on topics such as reggae in film, the development of sound systems, the city of Kingston, and rastafarianism.

A vital appendix includes essential reggae best-of lists, a glossary, and a first-ever reggae timeline, a one-stop reference for key dates in the development of the genre.  The book is written by Mike Alleyne, a professor in the Department of Recording Industry at Middle Tennessee State University who has specialized in chronicling the cultural and economic history of Caribbean popular music.  Alleyne is a frequent lecturer around the globe on the modern impact of Caribbean music and has also contributed to the forthcoming Grove Dictionary of American Music.

The legendary reggae drummer Sly Dunbar contributes the foreword, offering a window into the recording studios of 1970s Kingston.  Credit line for the book must read: The Encyclopedia of Reggae by Mike Alleyne, Sterling Publishing, 2012.  Press images are available, but no images may be used, in print or electronically, without written permission from the publisher.

Extracted from the Global Reggae Festival & Music News