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Richie Spice’s “Soothing Sounds: Acoustic” Received Google Spotlight

Google's massive global music forum, spotlighted Richie Spice's new album, Soothing Sounds: Acoustic, when the Tad's Record Release debuted worldwide on , October 23, 2012.  Born Richell Bonner in St. Andrew, Jamaica, Spice AKA the Prince of Reggae, joined forces with Tad's Record and some of reggae's biggest hit-makers on this 15-track acoustic opus of socially-conscious, roots anthems that cement the prolific entertainer as a household name for reggae lovers, worldwide.

"i just wrapped a U.S. West Coast tour, spreading the vibes of the new album from Los Angeles to Seattle," Richie Spice disclosed.  "The reception and the enjoyment from all my longtime fans, and new ones, are utterly fulfilling.  I'm full-joyed to be waving the reggae music flag to all corners of the world."  Spice and his management had planned more shows to take his unplugged sounds of the new album to fans everywhere.

His first such showcase was a live album official press launch in his homeland.  Fans and media were invited to Richie Spice live in concert, unplugged and more, which took place on the release day, Tuesday October 23, at Usain Bolt's Tracks & Records Sports Club - the new hot spot for live band shows in Kingston, Jamaica.  The showcase unveiled Richie Spice with his full-band for the first official presentation of the album to media and fans at home

Soothing Sounds: Acoustic is a masterpiece collection that is testament to the evolution of Richie Spice, showcasing an eclectic mix of musical elements that fuse classic reggae vibes with modern day acoustic rock, Spanish guitar, jazz and African drum beats.  The first single, an uplifting call for unity titled "free," is currently available on iTunes, and remains in heavy rotation in Jamaica and across reggae airwaves, worldwide.  The video for "
free" debuted on television channels in Jamaica last month, and continues to garner traction for the growing classic.  The second single "Crying," which depicts Spice's signature chanting-style as he conjures socially-conscious questions, is also enjoying airplay on radio, The "Crying" video was shot on location in Jamaica and will be released in the upcoming weeks.

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