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L'Antech Dance System to be Taught as Part of the Caribbean Examination Syllabus

L'Antech, a system of dance developed by artistic director Dr. L'Antoinette Stines over the past 18 years is to be taught as part of the Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examination (CAPE) syllabus in 2013.  "L'Antech now joins classical ballet with a step-by-step system which has been codified and is examinable," Dr. Stines told the Jamaica Observer.  Her technique combines classical ballet with African ancestral rhythms and modern contemporary dance moves.
students perform the L'Antech
L'Antoinette Osunide Stines is the Artistic Director and founder of L'Acadco a United Caribbean Dance Force, the Daaancer/s Hut and WOW Productions.  She is the creator of the Anglo Caribbean Training procedure called L'Antech, a contemporary dance in Patois.  L'Antoinette Stines is especially acclaimed for her work as a choreographer, technique professor and teacher.  She lectures internationally on the traditional dance forms such as Kumina, Brauckins, Nyahbingi, Dancehall and the contemporary dance synthesis L'Antech.

Dr. Stines is elated by the move as L'Antech is the only technique from the Anglophone Caribbean included in the syllabus, which also includes the work of Cuban master dancer and choreographer, the late Eduardo Riviera Walker.

Excerpts Jamaica Observer